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  2. Hi! I'm a Poseidon Z user from the Philippines. I had this keyboard for 2 years. Really a big fan of this product. Lately, some of my keys are experiencing chatter or bounce. Sometimes the don't register or sometimes they register twice. Biggest problem is that I am unable to locate my receipt. (Am I screwed?) Will appreciate suggestions on how to fix this issue.
  3. Riing Plus Software doesn't start

    If nobody has an idea, I guess I'll just return the whole thing and will try Corsair LED fans instead.
  4. Share your 3dmark scores here!

    This is mine. Im in the middle of upgrading to new i9. Cant wait to see the difference with upgrade
  5. View 71 TG RGB E-ATX Woes

    EATX DRAMA!! So I was drawn in by the sweet pictures of this case and did a lot of research to see if this would be a good fit for my incoming EATX Rampage VI board After ripping everything out of my V51 case and fitting mobo into the View 71 I discovered that its not the best for EATX. I currently have the Rampge IV Black edition. The holes for running cables through to back of case are UNDER the edge of the extended board. I can't believe I missed this when researching. Usually I run the 24 pin through to the back to reduce cabling, but now I have to run all cables on mobo side of inner case. So annoyed. The Specs on the TT site state it is EATX compatible, but this is a fail. See attached pic
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  7. I've recently ordered those Pacific RGB fittings from Thermaltake and i've inspected their structure. Apparently it's just BRG+... no fancy digital control, so making them compatible with Asus Aura should be easy, right? Well, that's why i'm making this post, because i'm not 100% sure how to make this. Asus Aura works with BRG+12V while the Fittings are powered with BRG+5V.... So theoretically i should be able to make one tiny adapter cable from PWM to RGB LED connector with a resistor on the + line, right? The thing is, since we get the option to daisychain them, i want to daisychain 4 fittings to one connector and i'm not exactly sure about the maths for the resistor. Can someone with proper knowledge of electronics help me out, please? From what i can see the LEDs are connected in parallel on one of those ring pcbs with each color channel for each led having a 330 Ohm resistor. I assume the LEDs are SMD 1616 RGB LEDs with a 25mA max on each color channel? So that roughly accounts for a 5V input. The controller box is hooked up to the 5V line of the molex connector, so i'm pretty sure it's BRG5V Now to my problem.... how do i make the adapter cable if i want to daisychain four of those fittings to one BRG12V connector?
  8. Thermaltake Pacific RGB fittings

    Those are SMD 1616 if i'm correct... i've measured them. Very tiny 5V RGB LEDs
  9. Project Tower 900 Taichi

    I made the holes with the Dremel on the plexiglass is set the Reservoir
  10. Project Tower 900 Taichi

    other material for the Mod, Thanks for the support for Thermaltake and Andy
  11. Project Tower 900 Taichi

    here are the first two Cut Cnc panels by Danilo Lettieri
  12. Watercooling is almost all here, just waiting for the CPU block now. Here's some snaps! Fittings GPU blocks Fans! PSU PUMP Reservoirs Bending kit (Please note, this ain't no cheap crap barrow kit, this is brushed aluminium with some serious weight) So far i've only played around with some stuff and can say this... Holy ####! lol The pump looks like it was purposely designed for this quad. It fits the build so well. Then the twin reservoirs.... Damnn... this wasn't a planned build, meaning i didn't spenmd hours going over design ideas thinking carefully where to put stuff.. everything has gone on instinct and so far it's gone well. Some closing images thank you Thermaltake for this awesome gear, crazy nice too. -Craig
  13. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yeah try Keycaps like Ablink said, or switch the Keycaps manually^^ I'm totally agreed with you, i use it, for my gears or if i travel to my family^^ Yeah that's good for you^^ But i can't actually -.-*
  14. Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme Liquid CPU Cooler Review@NiKKTECH

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  15. Cybergamer Pro bet

    How to make the first Cybergamer Pro bet - OddsDigger. Reliable platform for everyone.
  16. Thermaltake Core V1 Mini-ITX Cube Review@hermitage akihabara

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  17. Well done btashev, I have problem too on this keyboard....already sent you a message
  18. Tt Poseidon Z Blue switch

    Hello guys, I have problem after replacing a dead "+" keypad on right side corner just above Enter keypad, I replaced it with Cherry MX blue switch but after succeeded soldering it still dead but the blue LED is working fine also 7(home) keypad, 8(up arrow) keypad and 9(PgUp) keypad are becoming dead too although all of LEDs are working normal...the weird thing is if I unplug/un-install the "+" keypad then 7, 8, & 9 keypads is working fine. I guess it has to do with my faulty re-assemble the ribbon, first after I replace the "+" keypad I think I didn't plug well/firmly the ribbon and when I pluged the cable to PC the LEDs lighted up for 1 second and dead, all keys+LEDs are dead...so I checked again and found that I didn't plug well/firmly the ribbon...then I plug it again with caution firmly press the ribbon, the result is my Tt poseidon Z manage to work normal only 7,8 & 9 keypads are dead with "+" keypad installed/soldered. Does any one know how do I fix it? Thx
  19. Tt Dude Weekly Diary

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  20. Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 850W Review@Insidehardware.it

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  21. VERTO Headset review @ NikkTech

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  22. CRONOS Headset review @ NikKTech

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  24. Chance RMA case high gpu temp

    Hello, I have a unique problem with the beautiful case view 28. I bought it because the graphic card is installed vertical and my case is on my desk. IMO it is a great idea and it is cool to see how your card is working. First I had the problem that the fans of gpu started to suck in the window and one of the two fans of my RX 580 stoped. I could solve the problem by installing the pci riser cable in a wrong way (behind the plate). I played for a while my favourite game Total War Warhammer (need strong gpu) and when I started to play Player Unknow Battle Ground my pc shut down. I started to monitore my gpu temp, the game has awful performance and even on low and everything turned off like shadows, I couldn't play it because of super high temp. I started to open the case and the temp droped from +80°C/176°F to 70/158. I stoped playing it. Now I am playing my favourite game and I have constantly +80°C/176°F again. If I open the window the temps drop to 65/149. I have 3 case fans and perfect cable management. I am here because I want to know what you think, would Thermaltake take this case back, if I would buy another Tt case? Is this a reason for RMA? I know I could just install the gpu like everyone else but that was the reason I bought this case. I would buy Thermaltake Suppressor F51 and watercool my system. Have everything I need except fittings and waterblock for gpu. Here is how I curently play: https://imgur.com/a/s938w Thanks for reading, sorry for the grammar I am from Germany. -Rootfort
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  27. Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 850W Review@Insidehardware.it

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