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  2. Moar polishing! There's an awful lot left to do, but the pile is slowly depleting at least. The rad tower now stands proud, giving a good taste of things to come. Lots of holes to re-drill and countersink, the waterjet cut slightly inside of 3mm so I need to widen everything a tad first. There's something very satisfying about a lump of metal like this Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiny Always plan ahead for wiring, these will be sleeved and passed through here so that they can be all but invisible.
  3. Thank you for your interesting and detailed post. It is always good to get a more powerful power supply than what the computer specs require though.
  4. I like performance and aesthetics do not matter that much. My rigs have Thermaltake coolers and run pretty well.
  5. So, any update on this?
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  7. Definitely love your projects and the way to take these awesome photos! Looks awesome!
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  13. Hi, The 10 pin USB header should directly plug into the USB male header on your motherboard. Once the PSU connects to the motherboard with the USB cable, the PC app should work fine. TT Pacific RL 360 liquid cooling kit does not support the software control function. The RGB lighting should be able to control with a fan controller. It doesn't really seem like the restarting issue is caused by the power supply. i would suggest to leave only one stick of RAM on the motherboard to test if the issue still happens. If you still have restarting issue, you could apply for the RMA process. here is the contact info for USA region: USA Support email: USA Technical Support: 800-988-1088 Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 5:30PM (P.S.T)
  14. Hey, As the title states-I can get the leds to change colors but only solid colors, not the multi colors I see on the product page. The RGB+ software has this function, but not the RGB edition as far as I can see. I checked numerous pages and they all show multi colors being used on the RGB edition-is this a mistake? Hopefully it isn't as I could have bought 3 solid color led fans for much less than $120.
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  17. assembling the launcher base...
  18. I can also confirm, the top row of rear USB ports on my CrossHair VI Hero work. (All other USB ports including the internal ports on the motherboard lock up the software.) This should be a sticky post!
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  20. Finished up the motherboard tray All prepped and ready for polishing, there's a lot of work ahead. Get those threads in! Went through 80-120-180-320-500-1000-2000-6000 grits so as to really make the tray pop
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      Международный экспертный центр 8(800)20002-79

  22. I wish u a lot of fun with the Gear and good luck on the tournament^^
  23. Hi, Sorry for all the troubles, if I can help any let me know. Could you help to get me picture of the missing slots? Maybe from the front so you dont have to take out the rad? From your picture those slots on the left are under the frame, you cant see them from the top That top punch out is only on the other side with the clips. Like you show.The punches could have been missed, but I did want to confirm this was the case. Try to take a few pics so I can see where on the case you are showing and the missing punches for the slots that the brackets go into on the front side under the top frame.
  24. Thermaltake equipment is becoming more and more effective for many projects.There are many methods of making this type of thermaltake machine. ____________________________________ Hope page:
  25. Would you please let us know about some effective and creative methods for Lof core production? Thanks for the clear picture and each and every part of the whole project. ____________________________________________________ Hope page:
  26. my system is still under construction but I want to test my Riing 14 fans. Ive tried connecting to my laptop with a standard micro usb cable but the software says it cant find the controller. Is the usb pinout non-standard or is my controller bad? Fans are powered, spinning and lit up. I have the app icon in the task bar.
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