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  2. Hey there, I've seen posts from about a month ago around this issue, but nothing more recent, so I figured I'd reach out. I'm using 6 of the riing plus 120mm fans, and 2 controllers in my Ryzen 1600 build with MSI's Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. I continually see the "Do not find Fan Controller, please check Fan Controller is connected. Error Code:H_0x0001) error. My fans are all spinning at default, and display the default rainbow color wheel LED setting, so I know the controllers are working. I've tried everything I could find across the forums - all usb ports 2.0/3.0 across the entire Motherboard, internal and external, front and back of case. Multiple controller configurations, different cables, etc. Same issue over and over. This is with the 1.1.1 Version of the Ring Plus RGB Tt Premium Edition software. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Car case Concept TT Turbocharger 900

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  6. Update: Received mail from Thermaltake CS and also Mike for forwarding the case and asking about the postal code and the serial number for the case. Sent the info needed and waiting for feedback regarding the delivery. Thanks to Mike for caring. About the new cables received. Is there any working guaranteed cable to receive, as I heard ppl here receive different cables. Also, If the premium cable is working. Does it come as a replacement for the faulty one for charge or for free?? Thanks.
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  9. Up is the part of the watercooler mount. (Interior of tower 900.) But I have problem with receiving the products that still lacked arrive for me to finish the assembly. Almost already at the end of the competition closing, I am still waiting to get the products I have not received yet, like the 2 radiators 360. I am provisionally using the 240 radiators, and being fitted in place of the 360 radiators. I had to make some modifications. Was hoping to get some connection, liquid, and the 2 radiators 360. Had not received until today's date 7-20. I got the fluids with Thermaltake Brasil. The rest, do not have in Brazil. I'm putting together to finalize on the estimated date. And waiting for the arrival to make the exchange.
  10. Hello, anyone knows the detailed list of components used in this pc build? I know the fan is riing plus and the casing is a core p5 No idea what the red wires and custom liquid cooling etc are though.
  11. Hi! I just bought this mouse, I was making a review on it. I have no problems with the LOD. I know this sensor has high LOD behavior, same thing happen with the Fnatic Flick G1. However, I HAVE A PROBLEM: Macros are NOT WORKING on Profiles 2, 3, 4, 5. At profile 1 I can assign macros on the programable buttons, software shows in the label the macro is set, and is working. On the other profiles, I can't assign macros on the buttons, software doesn't show anything after assign the macro. The software is updated: 2.0009, also the firmware: 1.10. (firmware was updated at the first run of the tteSports Command Center) I test and review the Ventus Z, is working perfect without any issue. I love what you did with the Ventus R, is a great mouse. I hope you can help me to fix this problem, and take advantage of his full potiential. I will fix with a new firmware? Thanks for your support. P.S. I record a video showing the issue:
  12. Ok so I've brought a Core P3 and an extra rider cable for my SLI having the same problems. I'm not really wanting to shell out more of my hard earned cash for what is clearly a poorly designed product. How can I go about getting replacements? Surely this'll be complimentary? Not happy here
  13. With Core P5, you can actually install the power supply vertically and show off the fan without using extension cables. see the photo below:
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  15. Thanks again bro! The last thing I had in mind for the build and I am so happy and very satisfied with the result.

  17. Wish you good luck with your case mod! Look forward to see it finished
  18. Are the hoses long enough to reach all the way to the right where the rad is supposed to be mounted on the P5 ?
  19. Will I need extension cables ? I want to mount the PSU side ways to show off the fan. Thank You.
  20. This is basically what we all suffer from. It's been over a month since I got a reply so I went out and bought the premium version (TT Charge 191$) Of an Ebay seller. Sure enough, works fine. Until 2 weeks passed, then the same #### happened again. Going with a different brand now.
  21. I'm really interested in this keyboard but the software seems very clanky compared to others, this keyboard is one we sell in a shop that I work in and I've used it a few times whilst on display but I am really not impressed with the software... Is there any news of a update to it? The Macro's are near on impossible to complete through the software.

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