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  2. Mhike Samsin думаю должен победить он,видел его работы,это шик
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  4. First of all, my name is Edwin. I have only purchased 1 computer in my life and the rest after that were home builds, my home builds. Only I knew exactly what I needed and how to get it, and that was to build my own. Never realized there was a market for this sort of thing until recently, so, here I am with my present build using a Core V71 case. The list of individual parts I plan to use is as follows; Thermaltake Core V71 case MSI Z97 Gamer 5 motherboard Intel i7 4790k Devils Canyon quad core 8 thread CPU ADATA 16Gbs (2 x 8Gbs) DDR3 2400 RAM Geforce GTX 970 video card (x2) Custom cooling loop utilizing cooling blocks, fittings, tubing and coolant from EK and other manufacturers(to be completely listed as used) Silverstone SST-ST70F-ESG 700W PSU RGB lighting (haven't made a decision yet, but will list later when used). I have nothing better to do with my time but to make my life easier and the pursuit of entertainment, in this case, gaming. I am a disabled-vet and I can't explain the enjoyment and happiness I experience when I complete a build for someone seeking my assistance and knowledge to get them exactly what they need. This build, however, is mine, all mine! The parts have started to arrive....
  5. My vote is for Olivier Maillet
  6. I chose you, Marc M. FTW! In either case it will make a darn good eye catcher in someones living room when guests arrive for a visit! My last build utilized a Core V71. Next build will be a mod.
  7. USA! USA! USA! The Thermaltake 900 build! The Arcade!
  8. Hello/ Exactly my concept of the system should be compact and productive. Finally milled panels, now it became clear where that should be tightened. Generally work for the day and everything should be like a native. the main feature that the upper part team as the sandwich factory and will be used I\O panel.
  9. Hi Chumley! I'm glad you had luck getting some sort of control over your fans! Unfortunately I'm still in the same boat where I have no control. Even using the older software version. I'm strongly considering RMAing these fans and just grabbing the NZXT Aer fans, quite fed up that TT havent fixed this issue after almost 2 months!
  10. My vote goes to... Sascha Moeske!

  12. KTO Rosomak built almost done. Some detailing work is pending.
  13. Thanks for the update i now recall when the previous season was just starting, not much updatr on build logs, maybe i just got used to other modders not posting much on the build log and much more on social media :/ but thanks anyways i'll make sure to stay tuned on all build logs to feel the heat of the competition
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  17. Douglas Alves , BRAZIL
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  19. The first dimensions made, and the first templates created. And the first parts have already got color.
  20. These are the designs for my P.i.P (pipe in pipe) system. It allows ne to guide two different cooling liquids through the same pipe. The construction is milled from 25mm thick acrylic and later polished to high gloss.
  21. Yes we are, but we've also only recently received the first wave of parts, only so much one can do in the first few moments.
  22. The case has finally arrived. The first course of action was to completely strip it.
  23. Hello everyone. Forgive me my bad English, it's a combination of Google translator and my sparse knowledge in English. First a few pictures of my previous mods.
  24. Hey guys! It's with big smiles that we are happy to report our Legions second team has now joined our Vanguard 1st team in the DGL Premier division! Legions occupies the 4th spot on the log! With a big game against the xB team coming up this Sunday, we are hoping to kick it up a notch a with more good news! Happy Gaming!
  25. I have the SHOCK 3D , and i doesnt even have a bad word for it . Easily the best headset ,that i ever had (and i had like 5 headsets before) It is really comfortable, and price efficient . Does anyone have a good gaming chair? I would like to hear about it
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