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  2. Does this mean it's a controller issue and not a software issue? I'm running Ryzen and I just assumed I'd be waiting for a software update. They've already sent me 2 new controllers that did no good. If they are making completely new hardware to fix the problem I'm just wondering if I need to contact them again.
  3. Cables completed! What do you guys think?
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    Thanks a lot, update finished to Firmware ver 11. In he nigth i'll test the controller PD: The joystick had version # 3 installed.

  7. Hi, I bought these fans a couple days ago and installed them without a problem. Fan controller and all fans working fine including colours and speeds. However, after searching for the Software to control the fans independently of the physical controller, I've had problems. The software simply doesn't detect the fan controller even though the fan controller works fine. Here's some info you may need: OS: Windows 10 Pro (v10.0.15063 | Build 15063) Mobo: Gigabyte Gaming K3 (rev 1.0) (F5 BIOS) - I know this isn't the latest but I know it isn't the problem. Software: Riing RGB Tt PE (v2.1.5, F 1.0.0) - not sure what the F means. At this point I am considering writing my own app to control this... your support page for the product doesn't even list the software: Excellent hardware but we could do with the software to .

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    1. Please download the Firmware Update AP from our website first: 2. Before using the contour, please open the latest Firmware Update AP 3. Please plug in your contour after opening the software. It will update the firmware automatically 4. If your contour firmware doesn’t update automatically after 10 seconds, please press the power button again. 5. Finished 6. Please click “FW Ver” and check the FW version Notice: This firmware update will turn off the power saving mode. Please note this will reduce the length of time your controller can operate.
  11. Whats up fellow modders! I wanted to share my recent project. The concept for the project is a 4 sided dual gaming PC with a fully custom waterloop built by combining a Thermaltake core p7 and core p5 together. Specs: (ROG Side) CPU: i7-4790k MOBO: ASUS z97 ROG Ranger GPU: EVGA GTX 970 SC RAM: 16gb Apacer Thunderbird DDR3 2400mhz SSD: 2 x 240gb Apacer Panther series PSU: 850 watt Thermaltake DPS Toughpower RGB 80 plus Gold Custom Waterloop: All by Thermaltake (Panther Side) CPU: i5-6400 MOBO: MSI b250 PC MATE GPU: EVGA GTX 970 SC RAM: 32gb Apacer Panther Series DDR4 2400mhz SSD: 2 x 240gb Apacer Panther series PSU: 650 watt Thermaltake DPS Toughpower RGB 80 plus Gold Custom Waterloop: All by Thermaltake Hope everyone enjoys the build. Would love to hear every ones thoughts on the project. Want to say big thank you to Thermaltake and Apacer for sponsoring the project with their great products!! MOD ON!!!
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  13. @mark310 @,mhalhuphet, thanks!
  14. With the deadline around the corner, let's get to it! First up, quick mod for the PSU. Removing the stickers and vinyl wrapping so that it fits the clean aesthetic
  15. hoping that you will win bro! goodluck!
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  17. Hi guys, I have the same motherboard with a 1700x, experiencing the same issue and I have ran the installer and the program as admin, doesn't work, help me please! thanks!

  19. Hello guys, i have a great issue with the CONTOUR Controller, i buy this joystick to use JUST with "Walking War Robots" ( at first, i was very excited, the first hour work really good, but now i have a problem and this is: "When you are in the middle of a battle, the joystick works well and suddenly freezes, the robots do not fire, it stays in one direction, it does not spin ... it's really annoying, for now, the solution has been, shut down The control and restart it, of course in an environment like that, the seven to ten seconds that this operation takes, is generally a certain death ... is very frustrating, because the control is NOT CHEAP and does not belong to an unknown brand" This would not be a problem, if this behavior was not repeated frequently, at least three or four times in the same game session. by the way, the controller is brand NEW (tree days os use) and i use it whith and ipad 2 air D/N: 64317E32F20D Can you help me?, there is an update, something to do with the controller, some tool in the app store or I just throw it away in the trash? please help me. C!
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  22. What's the horsepower of your awesome rig?
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