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    Prediction Voting Event has started! Comment below on who you think will win 2017 CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 for your chance to win! Prizes include: Riing Plus 12 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition x 3 Toughpower Grand RGB 850W Gold Fully Modular Power Supply x1 View 27 Gull-Wing Window ATX Mid-Tower Chassis x1 Event date: May 2nd ~ May 30th
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    Hey guys, Thank you all for entering, Here are the winners! please send Tt Andy a private message with your name, address and contact number. We will send you Your prize at the end of the event! Riing Plus 12 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition O.s.k Nepharus zhovnir73 Toughpower Grand RGB 850W Gold Fully Modular Power Supply daisy View 27 Gull-Wing Window ATX Mid-Tower Chassis ピオク ジュン
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    Thanks guys for entering, we will release the winners soon so stay tuned
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    Hello guys, Thanks for entering, Here are the winners! Toughpower Grand RGB 650W Gold Full Modular rithemking Water 3.0 Extreme S alxder Riing Plus 12 LED RGB Radiator Fan x2 MisterCOM nKwoel Please send Tt Andy a private message with your name, address and contact number on or before July 1st 2017 to claim your prize
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    Greetings friends. After some thought I decided to make a controller. In the project there will be many devices with RGB backlight and do not want to fence the garland of the wires of the control units. This quickly decided to make a controller to control the whole electrical project. Here's some specifications that will make the controller - 2 channel stepper motors technology quiet control stepper motor StealthChop channel for 12V RGB strips channel for RGB backlight Thermaltake channel managed LEDs WS2812B - the ability to connect an external display - 4 analog inputs for sensors to tradition photos while only the Board itself without soldering )))
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    Да вполне норм на современные игрушки ее хватит, а концепт подразумевает компактную систему для игр.
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    Here's some pic of my build with Toughpower DSP G 1250W PSU. Wonderful products with great features and lot of power to run any PC build.
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    In General the procedure was completed successfully, under the hood was dry, the pasta which falls off in pieces, now the CPU is planted on the "GM" actually a few photos.
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    Hello/ Came another parcel, in her memory from V-color, video Card ASUS STRIX 1070, the processor from Intel 7700k. In General photo for the seed and I went to scalp))) ON the key issues 1) waiting for komplektuhu 2) all painting respectively 3) Pinned SSD V-Color RGB backlit))
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    I'm using a 3mm aluminum sheet for the gpu and pump mounting bracket. Working on GPU bracket
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    It's not the Laser Cutter or CNC, It's who's behind the MAGIC
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    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Core P5 case and i will be modding this case heavily, so first job was to make a highly accurate model of the case. So i did and i wanted to share this with everyone who feels like building a core P5 mod. I uploaded the files to Grabcad as here i am limited, but you can find it right here: https://grabcad.com/library/thermaltake-core-p5-2 I have worked a serious amount of hours on this model, so please if you use it and you write about it, please mention me somewhere, that would be highly appreciate. If you are going to use the model for milling on CNC than just check the alignment of holes of the pieces you already installed. I am quite confident i didnt miss something but you never know, i will be using this model anyhow to put it directly onto my CNC router. I will be adding a complete build log as i progress, cause now i can finally start building a real mod, the hard hours of design are over Have fun with it. Regards, Stephane
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    I got my fans today, and found out that it's not working with Ryzen motherboards. But I can confirm that using a USB cable connected to the back of the PC will allow you to use the software. For now I have a profile working, but yes... would be good if this gets fixed SOON!
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    for now ^^ I am very satisfied with the result, but I still want to do more for this build, so stay tuned guys. I hope you like what I did on this build.
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    Prepare Set Device to made a Detail Follow the concept. Unbelievable The 3-meter-long Stainless steel knitting line does not use centimeters. it 800 THB Per meter. T_T
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    The cable is cracked at the volume regulator solder point
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    Starting to put the insides together. Merlin's Lab is chaotic which i think represents the character well Pipes run down to passthroughs. Coolant will be blue when its all filled Crazy happy with how the table and chairs have turned out! My replacement RAM also arrived hence the 2 colours as 1 stick arrived broken. GPU is a RX480 as my 1070 also arrived broken... Australian Couriers must really hate me... I made all the tables and chairs. Books, glasses and little bottles were purchased from a miniature store.
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    The 24pins and the 8pins of the PSU are securely connected to the motherboard, also it is connected thru the front panel pin slot, and i am not using any USB extension hub or the front panel IO in my case . anyway the issue was resolved, it was a conflict with the older/other versions of c++, on which i uninstall and reinstall the DPS app with its version of c++ and now it works perfectly.
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    Hello.... I recently bought a DPS 1250w and here are a couple pics. It's tucked away a little but you can still see it. It's a very nice looking PSU and perfect for my build. It's not done yet - I will install my eVGA GTX1080ti FTW3 soon.
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    Heyyyy!! Today, I worked on the V-color's memory. It need a new relloking to fit with this mod First try. I think I will change something on the design see you
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    Thank You! Hello, I made another unboxing Second oldest model among the Thermaltake radiators of size 282.5x129x64 mm and intended for installation of two 120 mm fans. Package comes with 8 long screws M3 30 mm 4 screws M3, 8 mm long and 3 plugs with thread G1/4” and a special key for them. A distinctive feature of the RL series radiators – availability of ports G1/4” on both sides of the radiator, which in some cases greatly simplifies the wiring of the circuit. RL240 made of galvanized aluminum, the stated density is a 14 FPI (fins per inch).
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    That video shows the Riing plus fans. Unfortunately you don't get these fans, you only get the older, standard Riing fans with the case.
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    The VENTUS X Plus+ smart mouse is the VENTUS X laser gaming mouse with upgraded SMART technology featuring built-in Bluetooth 4.0 capability for syncing with iOS/Android mobile devices and PC. It is capable of recording and managing all of your mouse usage statistics and encompasses social media integration for storage in the cloud and on the TteSPORTS+ community. TT ESPORTS PLUS+ PROFESSIONAL iOS/ANDROID MOBILE & PC APPLICATION This mobile application is an application made for the Tt eSPORTS SMART SERIES that offers a user-friendly UI to record and display gaming performance. With Bluetooth 4.0 technology built-in, it records gamers’ performance statistics to the Tt eSPORTS PLUS+ PROFESSIONAL application, breaking them down by distance, clicks, actions per minute, and lift-off. In addition, the Tt eSPORTS PLUS+ COMMUNITY & Data Management Platform further analyzes your stats, compares your usage with pro players and enables you to challenge your friends to mouse usage competitions. The Tt eSPORTS PLUS+ PROFESSIONAL mobile application is currently available for download on iOS/Android & PC device .
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    Hey everyone long time no post. some of the parts that I needed for the build got stuck on customs and I was also busy prepping for Computex. here's a few updates. just got these of from ebay. "nylon cable drag chains" here's the result.
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    Hey!! Loops almost finished. I will dismantle everything this week to start the paint job!!
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    Hi All ) Decided to make a quick anpak mechanical sensor of fluid flow from the company Thermaltake. Of the key features are the following: 1) the Materials from which made the inner elements ABS plastic skimmers and the impeller and PETG tube with a length of 85 mm, as the case 2) sets: a large set of unnecessary pamphlets, the flow sensor (with mounted red impeller, and two red skimmers (part-time stops for the impeller) inlet and outlet), 2 replacement impeller (white and black), 2 sets of interchangeable skimmers (stops) respectively, one set white, the second black color 3) Two compression fitting in black with internal thread G1/4 From myself I will add: the design is a simple one, it is a mechanical flow sensor, end fittings have only one drawback (and it's painted pretty well) on other fronts without complaints, a total of 3 o-rings on each fitting, the ability to combine. In the end, you can use:).
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    fixed it. you have to take the numbers out of your password. why the #### is that even a problem......
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    Completed work on the painting a bit of the photo. The paint is very neatly laid I painted all by hand. Stand the plan is to spin now I think over the mechanism of the photo painted in Matt black. Radiators in its final form will be combined in two colors black core and red side is a very bright combination of turns, also fasteners also are planned in red color in General to fasteners photo a little later. Finally finished soldering the result is also in the photo.
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    It's more like a test bench, so probably not. If it was a closed case, you would as you would some sort of airflow.
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    Looking great man!!! Freaking awesome! rooting for you mate! from PH with <3
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    Next update I have decided to replace the tower 900 floor with acrylic, as I need space to have a drain system. So I am here now, need some harware, and I also added a video on the products that will be used at the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XN6J3WD3G0E
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    Могучая и веселая такая начинка получается... Mighty and funny such a filling is obtained.
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    According to Corsair, it will fit a 360mm on the top. As for performance, these are the same manufacturer as all the others, the only difference is the badge and fans. As for it being enough, I'm not sure, all CPU's are different, it all depends on what the voltage you would need to hit 5.0Ghz. If you want to connect it to the motherboard, you would need to check if it has a pump header, it's better to use a connector on your motherboard, as you will have PWM functionality, but it will quite happily run straight off the PSU too. Finally, I can't comment on Thermaltakes supplied thermal paste, but for around $5, you can't go far wrong with MX4.
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    Hi Plasma, you need to call TT directly. They were more than happy to offer me a refund in AUS so you shouldn't have a problem.
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    We are giving the opportunity for 5 lucky enthusiasts with a passion for eSports to get their hands on our latest VENTUS X PLUS SMART gaming mouse. As a member of our experience program, you will get the chance to try out some of the newest and latest Tt eSPORTS gaming gears; and to have your valuable experience shared. All you have to do to enter is: 1) Follow the link here: http://www.ttesports.com/event/VentusXPlus/ 2) Fill in the required information 3) Check AGREE & Click SUBMIT 4) Sign up for an account (if you do not have an account) on TteSPORTS Plus+: http://plus.ttesports.com/en TteSPORTS Plus+ PC Software download link: http://ppt.cc/mvhE6 *Selected volunteers will be contacted accordingly after the experience program ends. Please ensure all information provided is correct! - Applications ends: May 12th - Open worldwide With our #TteSPORTS Plus+ Software, Users can review all their recorded performance data and improve their performance easily!
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    Hardware sponsors also arrived. -ASUS Maximus IX CODE -Intel i7 7700k -ASUS GTX 1070 Strix -V-color 16GB DDR 4 -V-color 240GB M.2 SSD Huge thanks to the following for the awesome support! ASUS Republic of Gamers Intel Philippines V-Color
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    "Mod is an art.... it widens our creativity and imagination. so MOD ON!" - 'Von Carlo Rasonabe' He will be Top Three Modders
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    My Prediction Choose Von Carlo Rasonabe He is a Filipino-Japanese modder
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    Bug UP Loop and lighting Coming soon, final SHOTS!