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    With Core P5, you can actually install the power supply vertically and show off the fan without using extension cables. see the photo below:
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    Yeah, stepping it up with the battle damage! Really making it look like a fully functioning war machine
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    It will come down to the finer detail and Alex has it down. Professional build with Tt!
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    This is an awesome build! a masterpiece! You're the best! Goodluck boss!
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    Good luck on the competition, and hope it rubs off on me as well.
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    Cmon Marc Molella! I got you brother! Good luck!
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    From an aspiring modder, you have my vote!
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    I had the View 31. The glass broke due to the plastic that holds the glass to the frame broke and it fell to the floor. Anyway, back to it. The filters on the front and top have quite large holes, it will stop large particles, but not dust. I used it for three months and it was filthy throughout, yet the filters were not as dirty. The one on the bottom is great though.
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    What controls came with them? 1) 2) If you bought the 2nd controller, you must: Choose TAB 2 in the software
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    thank you sir... for your consideration! I resolved the software issue... and will pass on the cable... thanks Mike... so you can move on, nothing to see or sync here... thanks!
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    Big Bro add Thandering or Lightning Effect on Upper Gun with white or electro blue or electro orange
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    Your Hairs are Long , Your Mod is Long n Big also, But Your workshop is Small after all Your mod Is Looks Crazy long long pipes you Convert them into machine guns , my favourite RGB fans are looks awesome. Your mod is fastest build in this season.
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    Love this build. Takes me back to my days of table top gaming on scratch built scenery and the parts really feel like they are part of the build.
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    It's looking great what a magical build hoping that you win.
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    This is one of the coolest mods I've seen in a while.
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    Yeah ! This is gonna be great mod !!!!
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    My 2 year old would be playing in this all the time with her doll house people.
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    Awesome work as always mate. keep it up. We need more modders like you out there