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    Thanks guys for entering, we will release the winners soon so stay tuned
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    Greetings friends. After some thought I decided to make a controller. In the project there will be many devices with RGB backlight and do not want to fence the garland of the wires of the control units. This quickly decided to make a controller to control the whole electrical project. Here's some specifications that will make the controller - 2 channel stepper motors technology quiet control stepper motor StealthChop channel for 12V RGB strips channel for RGB backlight Thermaltake channel managed LEDs WS2812B - the ability to connect an external display - 4 analog inputs for sensors to tradition photos while only the Board itself without soldering )))
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    Да вполне норм на современные игрушки ее хватит, а концепт подразумевает компактную систему для игр.
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    In General the procedure was completed successfully, under the hood was dry, the pasta which falls off in pieces, now the CPU is planted on the "GM" actually a few photos.
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    Hello/ Came another parcel, in her memory from V-color, video Card ASUS STRIX 1070, the processor from Intel 7700k. In General photo for the seed and I went to scalp))) ON the key issues 1) waiting for komplektuhu 2) all painting respectively 3) Pinned SSD V-Color RGB backlit))
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    Hello. Received the package with the components. Sent the motherboard from ASUS and SSD from V-Color and the tradition of the photo. The case is currently disassembled for painting.
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    Greetings friends. ON the question whether it is possible to mix the liquid the simple Answer is Yes, if its composition is the same true with the liquid type "pastel" can not ride because it has a dense color. Some time passed and now that has changed. 1) was added 2-tube light is made of standard 50 cm tubes and fittings Thermaltake Thermaltake c RGB backlight. 2) Estimate the so-called sole the one in the middle. 3) there are 2 radiator from Thermaltake RL 480. 4) Also, while trying on tanks with pumps them there is the place in my opinion. And what happened photo))
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    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Core P5 case and i will be modding this case heavily, so first job was to make a highly accurate model of the case. So i did and i wanted to share this with everyone who feels like building a core P5 mod. I uploaded the files to Grabcad as here i am limited, but you can find it right here: https://grabcad.com/library/thermaltake-core-p5-2 I have worked a serious amount of hours on this model, so please if you use it and you write about it, please mention me somewhere, that would be highly appreciate. If you are going to use the model for milling on CNC than just check the alignment of holes of the pieces you already installed. I am quite confident i didnt miss something but you never know, i will be using this model anyhow to put it directly onto my CNC router. I will be adding a complete build log as i progress, cause now i can finally start building a real mod, the hard hours of design are over Have fun with it. Regards, Stephane
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    Here's some pic of my build with Toughpower DSP G 1250W PSU. Wonderful products with great features and lot of power to run any PC build.
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    Могучая и веселая такая начинка получается... Mighty and funny such a filling is obtained.
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    According to Corsair, it will fit a 360mm on the top. As for performance, these are the same manufacturer as all the others, the only difference is the badge and fans. As for it being enough, I'm not sure, all CPU's are different, it all depends on what the voltage you would need to hit 5.0Ghz. If you want to connect it to the motherboard, you would need to check if it has a pump header, it's better to use a connector on your motherboard, as you will have PWM functionality, but it will quite happily run straight off the PSU too. Finally, I can't comment on Thermaltakes supplied thermal paste, but for around $5, you can't go far wrong with MX4.
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    Hi Plasma, you need to call TT directly. They were more than happy to offer me a refund in AUS so you shouldn't have a problem.
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    For now I received the products from Thermaltake. Thank you very much
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    Pandora Box Gemini Project Hello everyone, how's it going. Sorry for my english, I'm using onliner translator. I'm douglas alves. I will be representing my country Brazil. Thank you for the great opportunity to participate in this competition along with the other modders from other countries that admire your works. For those who do not know me I will be putting some pictures of Casemod that I have done here in Brazil. Thank all companies for the support and Andy da Tt Thank you. Thermaltake ASUS Intel V-Color Ttesports Luxa2 I'm sorry I'm only now posting logs here, because I've had a lot of counter-attacks and received some products only now on 05/18, and I'm still going to receive the remaining ones that will still arrive. For now I only have these pieces. OBS = great problem in the delay was the prorio pais, (Brazil) in relation to import. But I will try my best, I had many plans to build my Modding, but now the time will be my great enemy. I have little chance of showing what I wanted to do. But I'll try to do my best in this very short time. My project with the tower 900, I am based on the theme of the drawing or (manga) From the Knights of the Golden Zodiacs. Gold Pandora's Box of Twins Project will not give to make changes in the structures etc as I had planned then it will be inspired in the pandora box of gold twins. I give the name to the project. Pandora Box Gemini Project Casemod Resident Evil. Casemod Thor Casemod TitanFall
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    I've broken one, but luckily, I have plenty of spares. But yeah, I agree, they don't line up at all. It's very annoying and I have to tilt the case to fit it without the glass dropping. Even with that, I still find the case aesthetics very pleasing... almost. I've sticker bombed the front to hide how poo it looked. I've just purchased some CF wrap which I'm going to apply, which will make it slightly prettier. But I may visit a local fabricator and get a metal replacement. Which personally, I feel it should have always been. This case is far from cheap, and I chose this over the Phantecs Evolve and the NZXT S340 Elite. I think it was a mistake, but the selling point was a sneak peak of the show (can't remember what it was called now), showing the case with the pro RGB fans, just to find you don't get them with the case.
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    Thermaltake, (This is for you too ThermalMike) Been building PC's for many years, ####... been building PC's before many of you on the forums were born. I have seen companies like Thermaltake, come and go. The problem with some of those companies, and why they are not around.. Direction. They see opportunity to increase profit, so they expand into too many directions and spread themselves too thin. How does this happen ? See a market (Niche), and dive in to try and make more profit. While the niche is there, the company does not better this niche.. they build one offs, and market them, and then forget about them for the most part. Instead of building something.. listening to feedback, and improving on those. Herein, View 31. Great little case (mid). Can be so much better. Sheet metal is a little thin, Face is Acrylic(Really?), The right side front is build correctly.. but this is a Tempered Glass Case... make it Tempered Glass ! What im getting at is.. if you want the case to be a premium mid tower case.. then make it premium. Im sure a few of us would have shelled out $25-$50 more, for the other luxuries. How would Thermaltake do this ? Simple... Stop making so many different variants of mid tower cases.. last i checked you had over 50 of them... 50 ? Why ? Step up your game Thermaltake, make the cases that should be premium... a little more premium. Make less, but Better products....guarantee no one would be upset at buying better product. Add TT Premium RGB fans to premium cases. Add a premium AIO to a case at a reduced cost over buying them separately. Have a dedicated feedback and support system. If you dont have what the customer(majority) needs... they will go elsewhere. Its the little things.. the small niceties.. that make the BIG Difference. Take Control Thermaltake ! Take Direction !
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    I've been building for years too, and I find what I see now with Thermaltake is rather disappointing. More so, their support. I have messaged them for months (around 1 a month since February not including my pleas on the forums), and how many replies did I get? Not a single one? Is this really acceptable? Not really, and have decided to purchase the rest of my products from different manufacturers.
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    One of the biggest problems i read about on sites like Newegg, when looking at Thermaltake cases is, QC, Quality is very important to customers... but just as important to Thermaltake. Having Thumbscrew holes that dont line up properly, and break? Thats an RMA nightmare. ISO 9001:2015 Get this fixed... get paid !
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    Good luck bro. Hopefully the modder from the Land of the Rising Sun wins
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    Добавить возможности HTCP с дистанционным управлением - SUPER. Add HTCP capabilities with remote control - SUPER.
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    Интересно, смешению охлаждающие жидкости поддаются - на предмет получения эксклюзивного цвета? Interestingly, mixing cooling fluids give in - to obtain an exclusive color?