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  1. Then its an issue with this year old MSI GT72S laptop + Win10 Pro as no matter the 3.1 USB device connected to this laptop it only works one way. Almost a year now, and the issue is still not resolved.
  2. Sounds like immature Win10 Drivers somewhere: again, like the issue I am having with the latest GT72S Msi super-laptop + Win10 Pro + BlacX 2-bay docking + 2x 8Tb drives I get that real odd disk controller error which happens every minute or less making the drive spin up and down oddly. On Win7 I tried the same docking station + drives == no issues. :| Going onto, what, 8+ months since Win10 came out and still no fixes?
  3. Still no help from Thermaltake on this? Whats going on with the industry as this seems like a dire trend going on (and worse made considering W10 was officially released in late Jul'15 and yet all h/w vendors had more than enough time to prepare). I have the same 2-bay BlacX 5G USB3.0 on the latest Windows 10 Pro + v.high end MSI laptop and while my xfers with the docking station (has 2x 8TB Seagates in it working fine) I get strange pauses and controller errors being noted in the W10 Pro event viewer from time to time (every 20 seconds it does this). Xfer speeds are superb both ways: 180mb/sec I can max out copying from the dock to the laptop and the other way. Mind you, if I plug in any kind of USB3.1 device I experience what the first poster has: it drops to 0 speed and the device turns off.. Weird.. copying the other way has no issues. I chalked this up as either immature W10 drivers, W10 itself, or the MSI laptop I have is still immature itself.
  4. I don't see the point to any enclosure going to USB3.1 until someone gets off their #### and updates SATA to SATA-4 which then will "hopefully" go well beyond the 10Mbps bandwidth of USB3.1 whereas SATA-3 is still well below the USB3.1 speeds.