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  1. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    you are right my freinds, the world is an ever changing caleidoscope dancing in a frenzy of ideas and imagination. the rainbows end cannot will never be found, thats why the spectrum of design in infinite, but lets keep trying to reach out and find the end, because the journey itself is the destination :-) anway, eneough philosophy and back to the update. its amazing how ell the cooffee capsue shields have turned out,
  2. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    Hi guys, its update time again, getting some color into the equations now. first i made the staff flags and painted them inred shade ala roman robe and flag colors next i got some paint and metal effect with dry brushing on the axes. i also did some dry brushing to dirty and shade the valerian shades apart from that i metalised the golden painted standart eagles with weathering staining them and als the flag masts to dirty them up a bit, making them more realistic. the i had a brainwave, i dscovered my colleague was drinking coffe casules coofe, and noticed they look like the vizier of a galdiator helmet or underground vent of the colosseum, so i decided to cut the grill part out and use them as parts for the lioness shields which i was making. more to come
  3. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hi guys, here is anothr little update, another one will follow today. i worked a bit ob the back plate armor with the snakes and wethering, as well as getting eyelets and leather strips here and there. alos made the laurus nobilis wreath design from the mid section lion out of braid like on the reservoirs too. moreto come. i had to warm the snakes before painting, they were coiled up and i wanted to determine the shape myself.
  4. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hi guys, its update time again, this time i can show you one of the reservoir pumps almost ready, as i started off it was the gauntlet shape i wanted. and now its skirted with a roman leg guard skirt of leatherr too. by unlacing it i can take it off too. like in real life :-) it was a matter of leather strips and eyelet rivetting as well as shoe laces and braid cutting and sticking. a small video is at the end..
  5. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    Thanks Rahul, I appreciate it. well. here is the case at least in form on 5 sides. all the electronics can now be taken out. now its all about integrating it mechanically into the base..
  6. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hi guys, here is a small update, i have started the electromechanically retractable monitor cover. its a 7" touch screen with which i can control all the other electro goodies i am intending on integrating. :-)
  7. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hey jos, thanks and i hope they will. i was away a few days, now i will carry on with them, needing studs, leather and rivets and laces etc..
  8. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hi guys, here is a another little update the battle axes are ready for mounting and painting. they will be switches then i mounted the second radiator inside, must do some cutting though. i then started some worbla forming. the goal is to make iron smithed bars like in ancient rome for the gauntlet windows where you can later on see the water in the reservoir.
  9. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    they still need the grip part
  10. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hi guys, and here once again a little update i started to make what will later on be switches, the roman battle axes, arent finished yet, but will trigger switches for things like, rgb color change or on off, as well as reste and vol+ vol- etc...
  11. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hello again, here is the second update i promised for today. i finished some details on the front of the case and also covers the gauntlets with the initial leather coat. more on that tomorrow. i also started mounting some of the hardware for finding what goes where etc..
  12. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hi guys, here is another little update, another following tonight i am building gauntlets around the reservoir pumps. they are very rough at the moment but will look pretty much like the helmet when coveres with leather and worbla. apart from that i carried on with the helmet holder and main optical front. getting batiatus`s balcony details in around the small helmet and visor. thos front pics will be posted later on tonight though. here you cann taht even the mainboards box came in handy.
  13. [Germany] Ali Abbas

  14. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hi guys, and here is the second update for today, got some painting done and the side bannisters started.
  15. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    thanks guys, and here is another little update, a rusty snake, not exactly fully done yet but nice and slithery.