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  1. [Germany] Ali Abbas

  2. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    Hi guys, here are the last pics before the deadline is up, more to come anyway.
  3. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    thanks dant, sorry am not finished, but keep watching, it will be worthy of its name. a video and some last pics of the progress are coming tonight too :-)
  4. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    first little update for today.:-)
  5. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    thanks everyone and stuart and jos, yes i will try to get some updated pictures online and show some more progress. and i will of course carry on building too. this is gonna be a real gladiator when its finished. i promise that. and because its a competition, even though i have access to automation (laser, cnc and 3dp) it will be 100% handmade :-)
  6. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    thanks pete, i appreciate it. she is out of danger now and back home. i feel better too knowing she is recovering, now i can get back to the mod. unfortunatley i will not be finished on time but promise to finish it over the next weeks and months. i managed to get some stain on the valerium shades apart from that i also started the wooden strip covering in the front. i found dosme sheap snake leather belts which i am changing to match the theme. am sure they will contrast well when the wood has its proper color. :-)
  7. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    Hi everyone and thanks to all that like my work. I will post a little update tonight. Unfortunately my wife has been very sick and in hospital so I could not get the mod finished for the deadline in 2 days on the 22nd. I will however continue to post seeing as this case mod will be finished as it deserves, with all the details and functional electro mechanical parts i have planned. So stay tuned and even though its a pity I will not finish it by the 22nd, I promise to keep you entertained with the world of Spartacus. I dont want to hurry rush and blunder, but to get every detail on it as I planned. I will of course be taking part in the German Casemod Championship in August too with this mod. Update in a few hours. Bye, and thanks to all.
  8. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    thanks guys i hope to finish in time, that my biggest problem now. anyway, here a small update, put some studs on the armor. will make the gauntlets for the reservoirs today.
  9. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hi guys, due to a quite serious incident in the family i have been lagging behind in modding schedules. sorry for that, i must accelerate now but am still a bit preoccupied, i hope i can get a good lot done and posted in the next few days. @Jos214demi if you mean gears of war, already did that. here are some fotos. :-) cooled by thermaltake :-) I will get the spartacus pics up by the weekend too.
  10. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hey jos, hows it going. did you do anything on your rig like you mentioned in the last competition, hows is yours getting along.
  11. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    thanks mate
  12. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    h guys, here is another little update. i made the shades and started rivetting the buckles onto the armor
  13. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hi guys, here is another little update to the arena shade and i also cut out the front bay where the eye catcher helmet will be. the shade posts have all been measured and cut to size. they all have supporting wires which you will see what for this evening. i want sagging shade textiles as the look here. the shade poles are all dismountable for transport and slid in vertically at 90°. i also made the first pullyes by contrapting a mini lathe by clamping in my drill. :-) the helmets bay is cut out and the placed on the Ludus balcony in the front which will also be worked on today. more to come.
  14. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    hi guys, and here is the leather shroud already on, needs some polishing up and oldening still, also some deco elements,,,, more to come. more to come.....
  15. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    and here is the little second update for today, am trying an armor cover for the back, this is the main base though