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  1. wow, i just went through asll the builds and am amazed. the bar has been set very high this year again. i wish all the best to everyone. may the best mod win. i have cast my vote, which was very hard seeing as the quality level and amount of work as well as the creativity level has really been pushed up high this time. the public vote ios nice to have but does not really always do justice seeing as everyone more or less votes for theri friemd or country. so once again i am curious who makes the top 3 by jury votes and the other votes at the end. good luck to all and thanks for entertaining us. Ali Abbas. www.computer-designer.com
  2. hey guys, looks good so far. and you seem to be the only ones really digging into it. i hope some of the other participants realize that they actually have to participate to participate. nothing much going on in some of the other threads. the dalek is coming along great, i will keep peeking in, good luck and make me proud...
  3. thanks jos, i appreciate it. yes i cannot really decide which color i like best. am glad it can change according to wish. the thermaltake rgb strips and fans controllers are really good and the canons really are practical for changing the parameters
  4. yes, of course, all controlled via the canon gunwhale switches in the back. in some of the previous pics, like here visible again.
  5. hi guys here are the last pictures of the interior. i took off the glass front and made these. and here while its on
  6. thanls barakyo029, its nice to see that you appreciate my work. yes i also see the way i mod as art. i love building themes to the extreme, delving into topics and living the idea. thanks for your nice remarks.
  7. hi guys, as promised, here is a little surprise. back in 2013 i made a small project called BUCCANEER BAY. It was based upon an external HDD sata to usb case and i used the power adapter ti fire more than just an hdd. in the end it was a nice little treasure chest with an hdd, card reader, dvd-rw and a usb port, including 16 leds and a cut throat pirate knife. i even used the hdd holder to make a pen holder. this was the result. it all works with just one single USB cord and the 24 watt power adapter that was with the hdd case. in 2013 after finishing this little project i swire to make a computer one day in about the same style. with af ew differences like the skull eyes glowing instead of the whole skull and for instance the used metal scraped look etc.. The PIRACY AND PROPHECY project is the next level almost three years after. here are some pictures of the whole set together and from back then.
  8. thanks guys, i appreciate your appreciation. by the way, tomorrow i have a little surprise for you all. will post it tomorrow.
  9. VOTE

    thanks guys, its nice to see handicrafted being honored.
  10. batch three and two videos Here is the explanation video of the exterior Here is the explanation video of the interior
  11. just bringing the final pics back to the end for those who look here anew, som they dont have to scroll through all the pages to find them. :-) batch two.. batch three
  12. exactly what i said, gather experience so that your dream machine will be all the more better than you can presently imagein.
  13. hi jos, remember that state of the art hardware is nice to have, but you can make case with low end too. that way you can better your skills, improve your talents and pave the way through experience to developing your know how. its more than one casemod that will lets you know what you do best, what you like doing and what not. you always then find out too what works and what doesnt. you will also find which materials you work with best and find the limits according to to tools you use and methods you choose. so dont think you have to wiat till you have the best possible hardware, just start modding. you can always integrate the best possible hardware later too. my first more or less respectable casemod was worth 29 euros out of ebay. it was niothing compared to all ma opponents at the 2010er DCMM, but it was still successfull. so dont think you have to have the best stuff to make the best stuff. its you as an artist who have to make, goo, bad or ugly things shine like gold. i should stop preaching so much, but its my experiene. creativity and fantasy should not be hemmed and bordered in by budjets and estrictions.