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Everything posted by Jos214demi

  1. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    Brilliant!! Those reservoirs will look magnificent!
  2. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    The helmet in the front looks so awesome!!!

    For the details and design theme, i'll go with Ali Abbas
  4. [France] Mathieu Heredia

    Any updates on this?
  5. [Thailand] Suchao Prowphong

    Rads on top looks sick!
  6. [Philippines] Jesse Palacio

    Woah!!! It looks like a Patriot Missile Battery!
  7. [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonble

    ####!!! It's starting to look like a Metal Gear now!
  8. [Australia] Stuart Tonks

    Any updates on this? Need more pics.
  9. [Thailand] Siwasak Sirisomboon

    Any updates? more pics pls
  10. [Thailand] Chaipoj Khaowasut

    Oh my ####!!! It's starting to look like a robot!
  11. [Netherlands] Peter Brands

    This would be so awesome if there are some lightning design on the pics Good job one again mate
  12. [China] Yu Han

    I imagine this as a Silent Hill mod of the Pyramid Head. Cool!
  13. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    Sorry to hear that my friend. To me you are already the winner
  14. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    Hi Ali, nope not Gears of War... I know that you created a Gears of War mod and It's my favorite actually but what I mean is #### of War... about Greek Gods. If you have a mod like this that would be really amazing
  15. [China] Yu Han

    It looks like Darth Vader's face on the sketch
  16. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    I can't imagine how you will build if someone ask you to mod a Rig with a #### of War theme... that must be something to look forward to
  17. [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonble

    Did you use laser to cut that wing?
  18. [Philippines] Jesse Palacio

    is that gonna be the stand? and it's made of wood? wow! interesting!
  19. [Thailand] Suchao Prowphong

    More pics pls.
  20. [Australia] Stuart Tonks

    Need more pics!! any updates?
  21. [Netherlands] Peter Brands

    hmmm the loop will go around the GPU
  22. [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonble

    ####!!! that elevation! This Angel will reach the top! more pics!
  23. [Philippines] Jesse Palacio

    pics pics pics!!!
  24. [Netherlands] Peter Brands

    The awesomeness of the splinter post is the best one!
  25. [Thailand] Suchao Prowphong

    I have high expectations from this mod since he won against JP Palacio before which was an awesome battle