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Everything posted by Jos214demi

  1. [Thailand] Chaipoj Khaowasut

    the preview looks like it's going to be a futuristic robot theme like Transformers! more pics pls
  2. [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonble

    Can't wait for another futuristic build from The Reaper
  3. [Australia] Stuart Tonks

    Will the GPU, CPU cooler, RAM and everything be sticking out to the front? I am excited to see this
  4. [Philippines] Jesse Palacio

    Here we go! Really excited to see how this evolve to something glorious!
  5. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    Yeah!!!! For sure this will be a masterpiece! Another ground breaking mod in the making indeed!
  6. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    Woah!!! So much detail!!! You are making use puke rainbows!
  7. Prediction Voting Event

    Ali Abbas for the win!
  8. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    Holy!!! This is insane! It's looking awesome already!
  9. [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonble

    Good luck Sir Von! You really make us proud of having Filipino blood!
  10. [Philippines] Jesse Palacio

    Good luck Sir Jessie! I am really sure this will be an epic build!
  11. [Netherlands] Peter Brands

    And here we go!! Good luck mate!
  12. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    Yeah!!!1 This is gonna be an epic Gladiator Themed Mod! I cannot wait to see this! Good luck to you my friend!
  13. Pre Event Predictions 11/15 ~ 12/15/2017

    I am a Filipino and I love the works of Jessie Palacio, Von Carlo Rasonabe, and Peter Brands and I really hope one of them wins but for now I am rooting for Ali Abbas because I think he is a legend of Modding and will somehow pull off an amazing Rig again. Good luck to all of you guys as you are all an inspiration to many people!
  14. Can anyone help me figure out which Mobo is good? I am planning to build a VR Rig but I just like to be sure about the Mobo that I am going to buy... Eyeing Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 but MSI's M5 and M7 is good as well... what about Asus? pros and cons? Thank you
  15. [Germany] Ali Abbas

    Awesome!!! Good luck!
  16. http://www.projecthorus.net/ali-abbas/ Thank you for trusting me Ali!
  17. Good job Von Carlo Rasonabe! <3 Love your work man!
  18. Looking great man!!! Freaking awesome! rooting for you mate! from PH with <3
  19. I predict Mhike Samsin will have a good shot for this contest. Looking forward to a great Rig from this guy as he is from the Philippines like Jessie Palacio!! Good luck Mhike!
  20. Yeah! This is gonna be great!
  21. I nominate Jessie Palacio of PH, Ali Abbas from Germany, and Ronnie Hara of Japan!!!
  22. I wanted to vote for Stefan Ulrich but Yu Han amazed me Good job to both of you guys! There are so many amazing Modders around the world!!!! So awesome!!! good job ThermalTake!!!
  23. [China] Yu Han

    Oh My ####!!!!!!!!! This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this! This is really inspiring!!!