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  1. MEKA G-Unit Owner Club

    http://www.ttesports.com/productPage.aspx?p=47&g=ftr#.V1rcgI-cFaQ That's the best I can figure. The software/driver doesn't function properly in Windows 10.
  2. MEKA G-unit Windows 10

    Okay, so here's where I'm at with Windows 10 and the MEKA G Unit. I downloaded the MEKA G Unit FWUpdate-V139 V1.1.exe (on the downloads section it is listed as MEKA G UNIT GAMING SOFTWARE UPDATE) as well as the actual gaming software (Profiling software). When I initially installed the software I just double clicked and it went about it's business. This does not work. Download the software update and run it as administrator. It failed for me. I don't know why, but this part actually helped. Download the GAMING SOFTWARE V1.2 (WIN8) extract the executable to any directory. Right click on the executable and run it as administrator. That's it. It works now. I think. Except the macro keys. I'm not so sure what to do with those. (one of my games requires the windows key to function. so I have to leave it in normal mode for now.) Edit: The software is running in Vista Mode. So if you have to manually set the compatibility, try setting it to Vista, not 7 or 8. Edit 2: Managed to get the software installed and working with the keyboard. Function keys are still not working. Edit 3: So, all things considered, I decided to see if the version numbers matched up with anything else. I have no idea what any of this means so I took screenshots of all of it. http://i.imgur.com/ajEI4wj.png Edit 4: I have found drivers for a "Mad Catz Programmable Keyboard" I don't have one of these, and it has to be causing the issue. I'm unsure as of how to change this. I'm looking into what dll files I have to replace/use for the thermaltake keyboard. I'm on the latest insider build of windows 10.
  3. MEKA G-Unit Owner Club

    I own one of these, but don't quite understand how to get T1-T12 to do anything. I've tried setting different profiles, as well as macro, single key, program launch with no results. I finally managed to get the keyboard fully recognized in windows 10, I think. Edit: I can get it to recognize the keyboard, even attempt to assign keys to T1-T12, nothing happens when I press them. Every time I restart my machine I have to: Uninstall via device manager (My G Unit shows up as a Saitek device) Uninstall the associated Tt eSports tools Attempt to update the firmware (which has never done anything, probably already up to date, but allows Windows 10 to see my keyboard) Reinstall the Tt eSports tools Retry this until it works. I really like my keyboard. The switches are Cherry MX Blacks (Original MEKA G Unit?) and I did buy it refurbished from Thermaltake's store, so I'm not interested in returning it. I'm just interested to know why it's identifying as a Saitek HID device, which causes it to not work at all. I've been looking for the particular driver that causes this, but the obfuscation of HID drivers into single entities has caused me a pretty large headache. I may try deleting the primary HID driver for Windows and installing after the fact, or removing all of the keyboard entries. Anyone interested in helping me figure this out please message or email me. Please?