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  1. jovanokic

    TT FRIO CLP0564

    I can go around 20$ for new cooler, so it would be really helpful if you can tell me witch coolers around that prices have the same mounting kits?
  2. jovanokic

    TT FRIO CLP0564

    Guys any1? xD It would really mean a lot to me
  3. jovanokic

    TT FRIO CLP0564

    So does any1 know witch cooler's have the same mounting kits as mine?
  4. jovanokic

    TT FRIO CLP0564

    I bought my cooler about a year ago, but as it was this whole time boxed in original package, since I had other cooler in use at that time, I didn't even open it since then, but when i opened it I was surprised to see that it only had mouthing kit for 775, i tied calling the store that sold me the cooler but they don't have spare parts for my cooler, so I was hoping that you can help me find a solution for attaching my cooler to my motherboard am3+. If any other cheaper coolers have the same mouthing kits I would prob buy it just for the spare part, and use the fans from that cooler for smth else xD (you can never have too much fans)