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  1. Water 3.0 Series owners club

    One the bright side; I found some content that stated we should look at how fast the CPU reduces temperatures after a "full load" is removed. IE 100% to idle. The reduction in temperature should be quick if our cooling is effective. I assume that means our cooling is effective. My 100% load stress testing ran within the approved temperature range; according to AMD. All 8 cores at 100% for an hour. When the load was removed the CPU temperature dropped rapidly therefore I assume, from the best information I have found thus far, the Ultimate 3.0 is actually worth the money. Still an answer about pump RPMs is needed here. Does it sense temperature and speed up on demand? Paying customers want to know.
  2. Water 3.0 Series owners club

    So this support site is a dead zone? How sad.
  3. Water 3.0 Series owners club

    I am here for the same thing. I would like to know if I need to provide separate power supply. My idle temps are 47c to 56c BIOS reports @ 1850 ish rpm on pump around 1500 on fans @ idle. AMD says up to 61c is okay ( I assume under load ) but at idle 46c-56c? That is scary. I too reworked my thermal paste. I am on (2)ASRock 970 Performance(s) running the 220W AMD 9590s I am constructing a Triple Mother Board build in one AeroCool Air case. I have twin Ultimate 3.0s' for the two 220W Mother Boards and a recycled Antec for the other (140W) AMDMother Board. I am a number crunching experimental mathematics programmer so I will run all 24 cores at 100% for possibly months at a time. I bought the 3.0s' for cooling. Do I want to "push + pull" (6 fans each cooler?) I welcome advice on the unique construction. I will be making a Youtube video if this turns out okay.