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  1. I wish u a lot of fun with the Gear and good luck on the tournament^^
  2. I love it, i use it private for my iPhone, because the sound is better and as a Headset if i use my netbook at work. The sound is nice and the mic is great
  3. I can only talk about my TTe Dasher Medium Mousepad, its awesome, like Ablink said easy to clean, slided smoothly over the mousepad. i can't said anything was is bad about this mousepad.
  4. @AblinK U can use the Isurus normal with your iPhone. To use the Isurus with your PC or Notebook, u has to use the adapters for the PC Jack (MIC and SOUND) and u has to tack on the extra mic for using it as a anormal Headset. I will make u some photos ^^
  5. Yeah the Isurus is Awesome, i use it by myself and yesterday someone ask me at work, like #### what is this for a nice Headset^^
  6. That's glad to hear, that you can bring a other person to the goodgear site^^ That's nice to hear, but i hope, your GF loves u more than the mouse^^
  7. Yeah im totally agreed with u frather, it helps to calm down ^^
  8. Hey, im totally agreed with you, i can't play without my TTe Gear's
  9. Yeah im totally agee with you, the Gear from Tte is perfect for pro and casual gamer. Friends are envious about my Gears^^
  10. I have the Shock 3D 7.1. and its Awesome, i can recommend this one. The Sound is awesome and you can deactivate your mic by flip it up^^
  11. What IEM? i hope you had take some goodies for us from this Event^^ my friends at school are envious about my TTe Gear^^
  12. Yeah i love my Shock 3D, the souns is AWESOME!! I also love the microphone, if u dont need it, u can flip it up and ur mic is muted to^^
  13. Ablink, both looks nice, why u don't bougth both^^ but so i think the X Fit looks little bit better but the Comfort X is like 1 Class comfort^^
  14. The Theron Plus looks nice, maybe i will test it. i dont win by the Giveaway but i love the Pozeidon Z RGB^^ Yeah the Dasher Mousepad is really nice, i have the medium one^^
  15. Ohhh that's sound's nice, i try it too, so i can give this as a present to my nephew^^ I hope if u win, your boyfriend will love it so much and that he will love you for ever^^