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Everything posted by Semp3r

  1. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    They looks very nice, i think i put it on my christmas wishlist^^
  2. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Do you get the RGB one or the Redlight? Yeah i love my Ventus X
  3. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    You would be only the person who buy it, it#s a Kretka-Edition only for you xD Yeah i love it so much, the best Headset i ever had
  4. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yeah some Pictures would be nice^^ Winter is Coming? like Game of Thrones?^^ but yeah it's a freat idea for Christmaspresents^^
  5. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    For me it doesn't matter if i use my redlight or and RGB where i only choose red^^ I'm almost play league of legends, but you idea is good one color for one game^^
  6. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yeah, i love my Ventux X <3 But i don't have the RGB Version, only with red lights and i love it ^^
  7. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yeah i used my ISURUS Pro for Travel too^^ Xeah its looks awesome an i can listen to my music or can talk with friend like Whatsapp, Teamspeak and so on^^
  8. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Funny, no Sry i can't. If i had a Notebook from work or something like this than maybe. but actually im working by our client so i have to work with the gear i get from our client and our client is working for the state xD
  9. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yeah try Keycaps like Ablink said, or switch the Keycaps manually^^ I'm totally agreed with you, i use it, for my gears or if i travel to my family^^ Yeah that's good for you^^ But i can't actually -.-*
  10. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    yeah I'm totally agree After Holidays i have few days problem with the Keyboard at Work, because it's a normal no name keyboard and that isn't so good like my Poseidon Z^^
  11. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    You two bring me the idea, to test the Software from my Poseidon Z Smart Keyboard^^
  12. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    like i said, it's awesome, i don't had a better Headset, Its the best Headset i ever had.
  13. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    i test it in Crossfire if u knew this Game? an in League of Legends, Diablo 3 and for music^^
  14. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    In my view it's the best Headset i ever had. You hear from where the steps are coming and so on. I recommend the Shock 3D
  15. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yeahh totally agree with you, its awesome and the Best Headset i ever had. i don't want an other. if my 3D broked i buy a new one ^^
  16. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    i had the Blue Switch^^ yeah like i said. The Battle Dragon Backbag is Awesome, i love it. should it break i will buy a new one^^
  17. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yeah i have it too, i used it in Holidays and my sister wants one too, after she see, that u can switch from bafback to travelbag
  18. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yeah i use the Shock3D Headset and the Isurus Pro and i love both of them^^
  19. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yes Ablink, iI use the Blue Switch and i love it^^ I don't test the Brown Switch so i can't said which is better. Yeah the Sounds are nice and i like the Button in the right corner that blocked the windows key^^
  20. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yeahnthe Poseidon Z is Awesome, i use the Poseidon Z Smartkeyboard and i love the new feature, that u can record how many key u type in the time^^
  21. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    That's sounds great for mee. Yeah that's good to bring new ppl to the good gear Do have at the Tournament the Pozeoidon Z Smart Keyboard or an other Pozeidon Z?
  22. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    I wish u a lot of fun with the Gear and good luck on the tournament^^
  23. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    I love it, i use it private for my iPhone, because the sound is better and as a Headset if i use my netbook at work. The sound is nice and the mic is great