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  1. Can I run two HUE+ RGB Controllers in my computer?

    Hello ThermalMike, No! I am mistaken! I am posting in the wrong forum! They are not even from Thermaltake. I am planning to build a PC with two HUE+ RGB Lighting controllers. Sorry for the confusion. I am wondering if the software would tell the two identical controllers apart from one another so they can run independently. Thanks for the quick response. The same build will have a Triple Premium Riing Controller in it aswell. I am still saving for the rest of my parts but hopefully I can get all of them soon and build this PC as I have not built a PC since Sandy Bridge came along. Thanks again!
  2. Hello to all, my first post here! I am not sure if I am in the right area but I didn't see any other topics on the HUE+. I am wondering if I can run two HUE+ RGB Controllers for a total of 4 independent channels of the best lighting available for a PC. Anyone with any help it would be greatly appreciated.