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  1. Thanks for the reply David ! I assume "AP" means the whole software for the keyboard !? Well, i followed the suggested steps exactly, still the same result !
  2. No, sorry if i wasn't clear enough, it's Win 7 Ultimate x64.
  3. Hi guys, mayme some of you can help me out on a really strange problem. I had to do a clean re-install of my Winx64 due to a mainboard change (old one was defective). Installed the drivers for my challenger ultimate, kbd works as fine as in my old system BUT: Of course i wanted to reprogram the T1 to T10 Keys, but every time i start the skinned surface just the icon in the taskbar shows up and the program displays "P1" on the main monitor (of 3) for a few seconds, but no window. When i hover over the icon, i can see some small black buttons in the middle of the screen but they disappear as soon as the mouse leaves the icon. Tried to edit the file "mainskin.ini" located in the ttesports folder and also the file "skin.ini" but to no avail. Now i'm running out of ideas Would be very glad if anyone could help me out !