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  1. Hi, Not sure what is up but i have no data being uploaded to cloud management. Been using this power supply since Nov 1st and there are 12 activity data days listed in cloud management. Although "Total Time", "Total Cost" and "Total kWh" are all zero??? There are zero's on everything in cloud management, voltage current etc...
  2. Hi, and thanks for your reply. Ok what i get from this is that data recorded for the electricity cost is only recorded in $1 increments. I have looked in cloud management as you said but all data is 0 on everything, even total time? It shows my PSU Serial added but there is no data and there are 11 days of data in cloud management. Also i notice that after my pc sleeps the DPS PC app no longer works? It is running in the system tray but you cannot open it. Is there something i am missing because it seems like this really has no use unless it produces valid data? I should be able to run my pc for an hour and all data collected, then run for 3 hours and data collected, run for 30 min and all data collected and so on.
  3. Hi All, Power Supply = Smart DPS G 750W I have installed the DPS app but cannot get the Electricity Cost to function correctly. It is always zero and this appears to be caused by the fact that the kilowatt hour value i enter does not save. Every time i open the app it is set to $0. The value i am entering is 0.0917. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance