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  1. Profiles for Poseidon Z keyboard?

    Thanks for the reply. What does "Anti-Ghosting" do?
  2. Is there a way to isolate the WASD keys on the Posiedon Z keyboard? I think I was misled about its capabilities by a salesperson at a Microcenter store, because I specifically requested this feature and this salesperson adamantly asserted that this keyboard had this capability. He even said that the software download for this keyboard but there is only a PDF to download. Do profiles that other TTes keyboards have provide this capability? I looked at the specs for this keyboard on this site and in the Profiles row of the specs it stated "N/A". I could not find any mention on the TteS website of any capability to alter the key functions of this keyboard. I am not a avid gamer, but when I do play it really annoys me to hit the wrong key when playing FPS games and wanted some way to turn off the surrounding keys. I do not do any fancy key moves so I do not care for a capability to hit several keys simultaneously.