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  1. Problems With New Keyboard

    so what type of files do i upload?
  2. Problems With New Keyboard

    Desktop, ive also tried documents
  3. Problems With New Keyboard

    see but the thing is i downloaded that josh.prof but it doesnt show up when i got to upload it
  4. Problems With New Keyboard

    do you guys have a fourm of lighting configs?
  5. Problems With New Keyboard

    read my last message
  6. Problems With New Keyboard

    Dude you guys have stepped up your game 400% the new program works great i see no problems at all! loading times are now fantastic and everything else seems to work so i guess that's a good sign lol! Thank you guys so so much props to you However i just have another question how do i upload my config i have the .prof but when i go to upload i cant find it so i tried changing it to a ini and when i uploaded it just crashed the program
  7. Problems With New Keyboard

    Hello ! its been awhile i was wondering if you could link me the new software i cant seem to find it
  8. Problems With New Keyboard

    love to hear the great news david
  9. Hello My names Chris but you can call me Revs. Ive recently bought your tt Esports Poseiden Z RGB and im having a bit of regrets because of the software to edit the profiles 1. ive tried numerous times to try to load profiles that are .prof and they load but the keyboard is blank. (yes i did apply) 2. so i tried making my own, that didnt work\ 3. when you try to load then close out and try to load again, it wont let you so you have to restart the program 4. the software is bugging out my keyboard, there will be times where none of the presets will work 5. Loading times are horrible 6.if you try to reset a preset you sit there forever Definitly most buggiest program ive ever used. However all i really want to get is some profiles for the keyboard without having to sit there for 20 #### minutes just to find out no matter what you try it wont work. if you have a fix to the loading profile please tell me and last but not least please and i stress please fix your software because ive seen threads from july 2015 saying how bugged it is, dont do it for me, do it for your community, thank you for your time.