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  1. PR22-D5 Can it be disassembled?

    Does anyone from Thermaltake actually participate in these forums or its just community based? Can you purchase parts separately? I know if the combo is separated it would need parts to make the two pieces work independently.
  2. CPU Water Block Lighting

    No one has any feedback for what seems like a simple problem? Does anyone from Asus participate in these forums or are they strictly community supported?
  3. CPU Water Block Lighting

    I have the W2 CPU water block. My question or issue is that the lighting doesnt stay on. It flickers during startup but then goes dark. How do I get that to remain on all the time?
  4. PR22-D5 Can it be disassembled?

    I guess this question is more generic that just this specific model. Can any of the pump reservoir combos be separated? Are they glued or epoxy attached?
  5. PR22-D5 Can it be disassembled?

    Has anyone messed with one of these things?
  6. PR22-D5 Can it be disassembled?

    I have a PR22-D5. Working great but, as an after thought Id rather have the reservoir and pump separate. For the PR22-D5 is the reservoir just screwed onto the pump? Can you separate the two?
  7. M-Pro Fittings

    Does no one from THermalTake actually participate on the forums? I would think this is a simple Q&A but, haven't had any luck
  8. M-Pro Fittings

    Anyone know where to get "Thermaltake Pacific M-Pro G1/4 PETG 16mm Fitting - Black" part number: CL-W171-CU00BL-A In the USA? I google search and only find Australia, Taiwan, UK and none will ship to the US
  9. New to Liquid Cooling

    Anyone, Im looking at the different pump/reserviors and some say silent and some don't. The ones that don't, do they make a lot of noise? What does "silent" get me as they are much more expensive...?
  10. New to Liquid Cooling

    Thanks for the feedback Warreny! Ill look at EK but need to make sure the fittings from TT fit third party. This is my first scratch build Anyone have any feedback on the 3rd question, single loop cooling via sli/crossfire
  11. New to Liquid Cooling

    Hello All!, I currently have a closed liquid cooling system(corsair) for CPU and GPU. However, Im looking at the fantastic new Tower900 case and planning on going that route with custom cooling. I looked through the forums and parts but cant find answer. I've listed my current questions below, thanks in advance... 1) Video Card, R9 290X are there any cooling block for this model? Not just GPU block, but the larger blocks that would cover the video ram as well? they all seem to be for GTX 2) Contemplating Hard vs Soft tubing. Hard looks like you have to be more precise with your cuts while soft you get a little play. Am I reading too much into it? 3) I know you can do a single loop, Pump > GPU > CPU > Radiator >> but if you are running SLI/Crossfire can you still single loop it? or is it a limitation of the pump?