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  1. TP DPS G 750W error messages

    I'm still having trouble with the error. I can't find the file location. Any ideas?
  2. TP DPS G 750W error messages

    I used the hub because my usb headers on my mb were already used for front panel usb and cpu water pump. I moved the pump to the hub freeing up the header on the mb for the psu.
  3. TP DPS G 750W error messages

    So I think I have the problem solved. I was using an NZXT usb header instead of the mb. Niw that it is connected directly to the mb I know longer get any fan failure, etc tyoe of errors. I now only get an upload error when I boot up the system. Error 021.
  4. TP DPS G 750W error messages

    Ok I will try that out, thanks.
  5. TP DPS G 750W error messages

    Maximus Hero VIII i5 6600k 32g Corsair Vengeance Samsung ssd Poseidon 980ti TT dps g 750w Use Gpu z Msi afterburner Asus gpu tweak/Ai suite Corsair link 4
  6. TP DPS G 750W error messages

    Hi, I just got the psu a few days ago and I keep getting several different error messages. Abnormal voltage, fan failure. I exchanged it for a another one and I get the same messages. Prior to swapping I did try reinstalling the app but still got the error messages. Anyone else experience this, any suggestions?