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    My vote goes to @VonVon Rasonabe
  2. [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonble

    See you in A Top Winner winner chicken dinner
  3. Prediction Voting Event

    @VonVon Rasonabe
  4. Pre Event Predictions 11/15 ~ 12/15/2017

    Big Bro Von Carlo
  5. I voted for @tantric First time i think that what he doing then after full transformation i m shocked I love Every Detail of The Mod I m sure that he will get one of three position between First Second n Third
  6. I m First Person who Voted you Good Luck Master @tantric
  7. I m First Person who Voted you Good Luck Master @tantric
  8. Big Bro add Thandering or Lightning Effect on Upper Gun with white or electro blue or electro orange
  9. Your Hairs are Long , Your Mod is Long n Big also, But Your workshop is Small after all Your mod Is Looks Crazy long long pipes you Convert them into machine guns , my favourite RGB fans are looks awesome. Your mod is fastest build in this season.
  10. Lock the Comment section Compition End


  11. @VonVon Rasonabe from Japan Filipino winner. This is Last day of Vote
  12. @VonVon Rasonabe Will be winner I ll be sure. He make his Same mod in 2 different versions.