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  1. There is plenty of room, my measurements were taken incorrectly (I had my 280 rad there originally), but I do have a 360mm rad in mine atm.... how much bigger is the pump and res?
  2. I'm trying to sync my 140's with my 120's and they refuse to cycle at the same speeds, is there any way to fix this?
  3. I wish I did too, but, what I saw in the videos at CEX this year, they showed the newer fans, not the old ones?! Grrrr thermaltake!
  4. Indeed, it's a very well built case, then they decide to not put a dust cover on the front, and put some poo plastic. And no PSU shroud is doing my head in!
  5. http://my.thermaltake.com/ctGeneral.aspx
  6. http://www.thermaltake.com/chassis.aspx As for the fans, nope, intake and exhaust fans are the same thing, so all good with whichever fans you choose.
  7. Nobody from Thermaltake seems to use these forums, which is a shame, maybe contact their support. I asked a question a month ago, and still no reply. I will try and help if I can, but as I don't have the case, some questions I just can't answer. 1. Judging from the pictures, the chassis doesn't have any rubber grommets, which is a real pity. Can at least the rubber grommets be ordered separately ? How ? Apparently the View 28 chassis needs 6 rubber grommets from 2 different sizes : 4 identical + 2 identical. They do have addons for cases on their store here, as long as you live in the US anyway. 2. Does the chassis include a GPU riser, and if not, can it be ordered separately ? How ? Can't answer that one, sorry. However, looking at the case, it's similar to the View 31 (ish) and that came with the riser... but to make you aware, you would need to buy the riser cable separately as they are quite expensive. 3. There's a Riing version of the chassis. But will there be a Riing PLUS version ? Riing Plus fans are just around the corner too ! Probably not, they would need to be a separate purchase. 4. Right now there seems to be only one type of Riing Plus fan (the Radiator fan). Will there be other types ? SP (static pressure) fans will work just fine as Air Flow fans. 5. The chassis seems to be already available from a number of sellers. Maybe you should start listing it on your website too ? Just sayin' ! ;p Not sure what's going on with Tt atm, but their website doesn't seem to be well maintained, or active.
  8. It will fit a 360mm triple rad, I have one in mine, your worry is it clearing the RAM as that is quite a large unit. EDIT: From the top of the case, it's 45mm to the top motherboard mounting.... you will also have approximately 30mm ram clearance, so providing your RAM is around that, you will be fine.
  9. I had mine imported from Germany, which doesn't help most, but if you're in the EU, there are a few sites that sell it.
  10. Tell me about it, it's not like it was a budget case either. What gets me is the fact that ALL reviews for this case showed the newer fans. I'm kinda annoyed and was going to be buying so much more than just this case from Tt to replace my very old Armor LCS case and WC setup, now I have decided to buy from other brands.
  11. It is transparent, I have one, but you can always add a dark tint vinyl if you want to hide it.
  12. Just got my Tt View 31 case on Wednesday and I have a question about the RGB fans... I wanted to use the software on my phone to control them, and realised I couldn't; I then came here and looked at the product for the Riing fans here, and I noticed that they are not the same thing. Why is this? The main reason for buying this case was because of the RGB and the fact of being able to control them without having to mess with the case.