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    Intel Core i7-4770k Asus Maximus VI Hero Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX 780TI GHz Edition G.SKILL 2X8GB 2400 MHz DDR-3 RAM Silverstone Strider Gold 850 W 2X6 TB WD Blue Desktop HDD's Raid 1 1XSamsung 840 EVO 500 GB SSD 1XSamsung 750 EVO 120 GB SSD Corsair 780T Computer Case My Frio OCK has been working since April 2012.
  2. Hello, So, back when I was upgrading my rig in 2012 I didn't know much about PC's and I made the mistake to buy my CPU Cooler from a Chinese brand, that is to say THERMALTAKE, instead of buying from Cooler Master, Corsair, etc basically from anyone else except the Chinese. Like you have heard, in the last few days the world of Personal Computing has been taken by storm by AMD RYZEN. We have seen so far several companies stepping in and offering FREE AMD RYZEN mounting kits for their CPU coolers. That includes Cooler Master, who released a FREE AM4 upgrade kit for their widely popular CPU cooler Hyper 212 Evo: http://www.coolermaster.com/we-are-ready-for-your-am4-socket/ Hyper 212 Evo is probably the most popular CPU Cooler in the world right now. So, is Thermaltake planning to release AM4 kits like Cooler Master, or am I right in assuming that only fools buy Chinese CPU Coolers? P.S.: NZXT Offers Free AM4 Upgrade Kits For Kraken Series Coolershttp://www.tomshardware.com/news/nzxt-kraken-series-am4-upgrade,33802.html#xtor=RSS-181 Fractal Design Offers Free AM4 Upgrade Kits For Kelvin Series Coolershttp://www.tomshardware.com/news/fractal-designs-am4-upgrade-kit,33801.html AM4-AMD Retention Bracket Kit for Hydro Series Coolershttp://www.corsair.com/en-us/am4-amd-retention-bracket-kit-for-hydro-series-coolers I need to know where THERMALTAKE stands on this issue, so that I can decide for myself whether my next CPU Cooler is going to be a Thermaltake unit or I will just go Coler Master like pretty much everyone and their sister have. My FRIO OCK is 5 years old already, so if you don't offer an upgrade for socket AM4 you are forcing me to retire it, and ofc I will never buy from you again seeing as how pretty much everyone else who owns 10 year old Hyper 212's from Cooler Master is good to go.