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  1. Riing Plus RGB Software wont run at all

    I've swapped between every audio device I have. No luck.
  2. Riing Plus RGB Software wont run at all

    I can't set any audio settings in the TT software because it doesn't open in the first place. It is utterly bizarre, and pathetic, that audio settings would affect fan control software.
  3. Riing Plus RGB Software wont run at all

    Tried several combinations of audio devices on/off, software still wont open correctly.
  4. Riing Plus RGB Software wont run at all

    There are no files called "ap.exe" installed by this software from what I can see.
  5. At least you can get this garbage software to run at all. Mine doesn't. Literally can't get to a UI, much less try to control anything. Pathetic.
  6. Riing Plus RGB Software wont run at all

    A week with no response from Thermaltake, and nobody on the forum seems to have any idea how to solve the issue. Just pathetic. I'm getting a refund from Amazon.
  7. Riing Plus 12 LED RGB Fans not detected

    The Plus fans don't work any better. Don't waste your money until TT bothers to make functional software.
  8. I recently built a new computer. Fresh installation of Windows 10. Ran updates, installed Steam, Firefox, and the TT Riing Plus RGB Software. Simply put, the software wont start. An icon appears in the taskbar "hidden icons" section. Clicking on it does nothing. Right clicking does nothing. Double clicking does nothing. The UI just doesn't appear. I've tried running it as an administrator. I've tried compatibility mode for Windows 8, 7, and XP SP3. I've tried disabling UAC. I've tried reinstalling the software. Plugged in, the fans will run. However, they are stuck on their default RPM and rotating colors. How do I work around this garbage software?
  9. TT Riing 12 RGB Premium - Startup UAC

    The plus fans' software doesn't function correctly either. I can't even get it to run at all.
  10. Questions about Riing Premium software

    Feel free to explain them. I can't get the software to run at all.