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  1. I would like to know this too.
  2. Slamstrike

    Water 3.0 Ultimate -- 360mm radiator

    When is the new 3.0 RGB coming out...anyone?
  3. Slamstrike

    View 31 Face

    I suggest getting Matte clear Protective film. You can get a sheet for about 20bucks off EBay. Its what I plan to do. If yours is scratched already you could just watch some youtube videos on how they polish hazed headlights and you will be able to restore.
  4. Would also like to see timelines on products in the works LIKE YOUR NEW AIO THAT HAS RGB WATERBLOCK. Even if the target dates had a error of 30 to 60 days. Its frustrating not to find anything about new product releases on your forums.
  5. Slamstrike

    Riing Plus Water 3.1 AIO

    Do you mean this magnificent creation they are not elaborating on? Yea I heard you have to visit their twitter to get feed back....I dont do twitter so guess I ll never know!
  6. Slamstrike

    new 360mm rad RGB aio showed at CES 2017

    Please Give us some information about when this might be released. I have several builds I am doing and I want them all to have this AIO solution. It Looks amazing to me!