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  1. Heyyyy!! Today, I worked on the V-color's memory. It need a new relloking to fit with this mod First try. I think I will change something on the design see you
  2. Hey!! Loops almost finished. I will dismantle everything this week to start the paint job!!
  3. Hi guys!! I actually work on the tubbing, I will post a couple of pictures as soon as the loops will be complete. I Also finished to repair the top cover and added a new acryl part in place of the mesh Now I have to wait for the GPU waterblock to finish the left side of the case. See you
  4. Hi there!! Small update with side panels complete and test with the rads and Riing RGB I also start to cut some part for the back of the case. That's all!! New update really soon
  5. Hello!! i started working on the stands for the res with 18mm acryl And the panel with composit aluminium ( gloss black ) Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I have lost my camera charger... hope I will find it quickly See you!
  6. Hi there!!!! Yesterday, I picked up some acryl and start cutting. First layer of the side I used some rivet with internal thread ( don't know the exact name in english ) Second side done, and I also create a new part for the PSU plug I replaced the back panel with an acrylic panel in order to see the inside of the case. And finally, the second layer The acryl is not white, I just let the protective film, don't want to make any scratch on it See you soon for the next step
  7. Hey!! Tomorrow, I'm going to pick up 2.5m² of pmma, but still waiting for aluminium Today, I worked on the ToughPower Grand RGB 850. Some modifications bring on the cover to give the RGB fan more visibility and give a new look that will fits with the rest Paint in carbon black with a few metal flake and finished with a matt varnish I also cut the Tt's logo in aluminium and created a new cover in acrylic with a smoked effect Major update in a couple of day. Stay tuned!!!!!
  8. Hi!! I received a nice package yesterday See you for the next step
  9. Hey!! Today, I kept on cutting the non-essentials parts of the case for the mod I also need to cut the top cover to make it a bit shorter Now, I have to wait for new materials for futher modifications See you
  10. Hi there!!! Just started this morning to cut some parts of the case. new update really soon
  11. Hey!! I received some packages today, the real "start" is coming soon Now, just have to wait for the hardware... can't wait!! See you soon
  12. Hey there!!!! The Tower 900 arrived a couple of hours ago... so the project can really start from now I have to make some changement in my workshop to make better pics for this workblog. So see you soon for the next update. And above all, GOOD LUCK to every one!!!