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  1. nup i think its an issue with every type of processor atm
  2. Sucks HOPEFULLY after all of this silence from the Devs they have actually been working to fix the software. I have relied on every part of my system being thermaltake and the main asthetic of my system can't change.. also at 400-500rpm it's not good for my rl360 rad and making my system overheat.. I have had to swap with some crap ones but at least they run at 1500rpm for now. IF ANY thermaltake admins see this post please do respond with some information. P.s. i do understand that its easter holidays
  3. I have the same problem but admins aren't responding @thermalmike
  4. today once again the program starts when windows starts but now it cant find a controller, i can close and open the program without fuss now and ive tried taking the micro usb out and putting it back in but then it just crashes the program and now i am stuck not being able to start it again
  5. i have fiddled with it all day and all the connections are fine and i get warnings, my leds reset to solid blue I have realised that it seems to somewhat work because when i got the program to open before without it finding any fans i set every fan to temperature mode and clicked save and when i opened it the warning came up but then i could see the modes and speeds in the background of the red triangles but couldnt click anything... i changed the profile to profile 2 and it went to rgb spectrum cycling and then when i went back to profile 1 it stopped responding. P.s. after multiple restarts i cant seem to open the program again.
  6. well i dont have any other system or laptop but the program has finally wanted to start but it cant find any of my fans.. i have relied on this post http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/63600-riing-plus-12-led-rgb-fans-not-detected/ and it booted up finding the fans for a second but then shut down.
  7. i have bought thermaltake riing plus rgb 120mm fans and connected them and they are fine but i need to change the rpm and colors but every time i try and start the program it comes up in task tray but has no right click options and left clicking it doesn't do anything, so i went into task manager and into processes and found that it first starts "Start Riing Plus" and then becomes "Tt Riing Rainbow". I checked the folder its located in and tried updating using the .exe file there but it said it couldn't find it so i uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same.. pls help thx. Specs: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit i7-6700k gtx 1070 asus h170 motherboard 16gb ddr3 1600Mhz