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  1. Hi Chumley! I'm glad you had luck getting some sort of control over your fans! Unfortunately I'm still in the same boat where I have no control. Even using the older software version. I'm strongly considering RMAing these fans and just grabbing the NZXT Aer fans, quite fed up that TT havent fixed this issue after almost 2 months!
  2. Hmm that is very unfortunate. Surprised they haven't come out with a fix already..
  3. Hi Hansen, Just trying to spread the word, but if you have a Ryzen system that's the reason the software isn't working. Waiting on a hotfix from thermaltake. Alternatively you should be able to get a full refund from thermaltake.
  4. Hi guys, are any of you running Ryzen systems by any chance? I ask because atm there is a software conflict with riing and ryzen and we're waiting for a hotfix from thermaltake. Admittedly its been almost a month since they told me they're working on it so dont really have an ETA. Hope this helps!
  5. I have not. Just waiting on the hotfix from thermaltake. For anybody that isn't satisfied with their purchase, Thermaltake AU offered me a full refund for the fans as they are incompatible with Ryzen atm. I declined for now as I actually like these fans and am hoping for the fix to come soon. You should be able to receive the same. Call the support centre for you country, screw sending in a ticket!
  6. Hi! I'm having the same issue as you with the same parts also. Thermaltake AU told me it's a software conflict between riing and ryzen and that they're working on a fix. It had been a month and still nothing.. Have you fixed your issue by any chance?
  7. I know for a fact that there's a software conflict with riing and ryzen atm, not sure what's going on with the intel side
  8. Also for this issue, I think you should just reinstall the software using the original setup you downloaded and cancel any updates! Sorry I cant be of more help, I cant get the software open at all to even give some advice
  9. Sorry for the delay! Expected emails when you replied and received nothing :/ I have yet to try your solution but feel it wouldn't have worked for me regardless. I cant open the software, when I do it appears in system tray but the only thing that makes it open is if i unplug the controller from the mobo. Replugging it in makes the software hang. Do you have the plus or premium version?
  10. Hi Techbird, Are you saying you were able to successfully control the riing plus fans? As far as I'm aware Thermaltake is working on a hotfix for this issue at the moment.
  11. Hey! I made an account just to reply to you because I was going through the heartache trying to figure it out also. I contacted thermaltake and they're aware of this issue. It is a software conflict with Ryzen and the Riing software! I received an update email today letting me knew that their R&D team is working on a fix for this as we speak but still have no ETA. I guess it gives hope that it'll work in the future. But if you dont want to wait, thermaltake here in Australia offered a full refund and I'd assume you could do the same.