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  1. @Denny,, thanks for reply i was a little too unspecific, i used the EPS cable (plug) comming from the motherboard and plugged it into the PCIE jack in the PSU ( did this because i was too lazy to kneel down ). The result was a immediate fuse blow of the house wiring. Next I removed the EPS cable from the psu and plugged it into the right psu slot but damge was done... I disasembled the powersupply and found the thermistor broken.... and i thing one more diode it damge , too because it has no resistance anymore..
  2. Hi thx for reply its a gold rated psu,, i ordered a ntc 7.5 amps 6 ohm hope that will work out if nothing else is broken..... BTW is there a exploded chart available or a wire plan?
  3. Hi, and hello to the comunity. I am looking for some help regarding to a broken tough power dps 1050 ,240 V version. Unfortunately i connected the EPS 12 volt connector for the MB to a PCIE port of the powersupply resulting in a immediate fuse blow. I opened the powersupply and found the RL1 condensator ( the big blue one besides the coill) burned. Is there anyone who can help me with the parts number or a repair kit for a broken 12 v in /out put rail? For anyone who wants to know i checkd the motherboard with a different power supply and it seems ok so no components got damaged by applying - 12V to + 12V line... guess i just was lucky... Thanks for helping to find the parts..... Found it SCK 058 or any npc 5 ohm and 7.5 to 8 amps....