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  1. It's complete! A huge thank you to Thermaltake and all the sponsors involved with this contest! It's been a blast trying to get everything done in time and to the right standard. So let's bring on the first round of final pictures!
  2. It is filled! All that's left is to fix up the cable management now and assemble the panels together. In order to keep up a little suspense for the final reveal, I've decided to stick to closer shots for now. I'm going to be doing the final photos tomorrow hopefully, nice and on time for Sunday. First up though, it was time to sleeve and adjust the fan cables. This was significantly more tedious than I first realised since each fan as 8 WIRES!!
  3. With the deadline around the corner, let's get to it! First up, quick mod for the PSU. Removing the stickers and vinyl wrapping so that it fits the clean aesthetic
  4. Thank you for all the kind words! Next leg in this journey, the base. Needs to be very solid and sturdy for a heavy rig like this one
  5. Big stuff going on right now
  6. So it's very quiet in here... Regardless, let's march on with progress! This is the smaller waterblock going into the build, it will be acting as the motherboard tray mount as well as the GPU bracket and IO panel so it was fairly important to get finished up first. I had a couple teething issues with the countersinks though, as I had made them a tiny bit to small for the screws I was using. So after tapping all the holes, I went and redid those too, but it was definitely worth it so that the fittings could be extra secure. I will be using black coolant for this build, perhaps a little risky given how much people love colour, but I know it will be the best match for the rig.
  7. Moar polishing! There's an awful lot left to do, but the pile is slowly depleting at least. The rad tower now stands proud, giving a good taste of things to come. Lots of holes to re-drill and countersink, the waterjet cut slightly inside of 3mm so I need to widen everything a tad first. There's something very satisfying about a lump of metal like this Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiny Always plan ahead for wiring, these will be sleeved and passed through here so that they can be all but invisible.
  8. Finished up the motherboard tray All prepped and ready for polishing, there's a lot of work ahead. Get those threads in! Went through 80-120-180-320-500-1000-2000-6000 grits so as to really make the tray pop
  9. So let's get some meat in this log eh? I just got back from Comptex, where I was with Mhike, Ethan and Chaipoj taking part in the Cybermods 24 hours contest. I stayed for an extra week, however, to get some sight seeing and personal time in. Sooooo now it's time to catch up! I spent all of yesterday down with Parvum Systems working to get the panels and waterblocks cut for this rig. Holy moly are they hefty, the thickness of this aluminium is simple ridiculous, it's heavy, strong and unbelievably premium-feeling, perfect attributes for a Tower 900 mod I think. Excuse the poor quality pictures this time, I don't have space to put up the studio backdrops etc. thanks to a number of other simultaneous projects taking over all the space in my house. This is waterblock number 1. Nobody will have seen this one before because in my renders it's in the inside of the case. It sits below the motherboard I can't recall seeing a bigger block than this rocking around, it's truly colossal and acts as the centre for the chassis By way of scale, this is roughly where the smaller block will sit Now I have the unenviable task of making the aluminium actually smooth and polished. That's a lot of work ahead there.
  10. Hello everybody! So earlier in the year, AMD approached me asking whether I would be interested in taking part in a themed mod "battle" to help promote the new RX 470. Well I've never even done a themed build before, never mind one in a head to head competition! I'll be competing against Jens Schwalbe of BIRD Customs, so it'll be no mean feat. I will be representing the UK and Jens Germany. I'd like to thank everybody at AMD involved in setting up this competition, along with all the companies who were willing to sponsor gear for it. So a big hand to Thermaltake, Asus RoG, Gigabyte and Corsair for each providing hardware that will be going into the build. As you can see, my theme for this build will be Overwatch... Like seemingly everybody else. Whilst I don't like playing the game itself much, I do like the art style. So without further ado, here are the first photos of the kit going inside!
  11. Okay I promise the log will get a bit more exciting very soon, but you know me, I like the slow burn. Big news for me at least, the hardware arrived! This is usually fairly important in my builds as I like to theme everything and use exact measurements where possible. So the hardware arriving means I can progress to the main modding of the case itself. But of course here are some pretty pictures of the gear. No egregious box shots, just hardware. I'm very interested in the V-Color parts actually. I saw the brand at Computex last year, but they basically don't exist over here, so all their products are a mystery to me. So I was quite pleased to find out that both the RAM and the SSD are RGB. As far as I know, there aren't many RGB options for either of these products so that's rather cool.
  12. Right so starting with one of the smaller mods, radiator painting and the fans! Figured it would be nice to have things matching, so WITH GREAT DIFFICULTY I popped off the Riing Plus blades and painted them. Hopped onto the vinyl plotter to print some new fan hubs, will also be using it later for smaller details here and there. Having very fancy sanders helps everything! Not sure I would be able to handle not having this baby now, the dust extraction makes it so convenient. Onto the plotter for some cutout work New gunmetal versions of the riing plus to match the radiator. Very happy with the new paint finish, only applied one medium layer of clear coat so as not to make it ludicrously shiny.
  13. And so progress has now begun, materials for the casemod itself are on the way, and paintwork has started, will be updating bits tomorrow about that. But for now, I'd like to share the renders for my intentions with the case! This is a big step as a large portion of this mod is spent working through all the details in the design phase. It also allows me to show what I do that is unique, these are all 3D models btw
  14. Yes we are, but we've also only recently received the first wave of parts, only so much one can do in the first few moments.
  15. First batch of cooling gear arrived today, big ol' box and this is only the beginning! The Riing Plus fans are stunning, great seeing how those have evolved from the first edition a few years back. I LOVE these new drain valves, great practical design, twist to open and close. Much smaller than tap-style ones. And here's a teaser of some of the things to come. Excuse the random hardware, don't have a CAD file of the intended parts to hand and don't have the time to model them up fully.
  16. So I think it's about time I got this show on the road eh? I'd like to preface that I'm honored to be able to take part in this contest against so many talented modders. Events like these really bring together people from all over the globe under the same banner, that to me is simply fantastic. So it's likely many on here aren't so accustomed with my style of work, here's to hoping I can do the very best that I can with this monster of a case. But be warned, I will not be choosing to make it easy for the others! Much of my mod will be very specific, so I won't fully get chopping until some more of the hardware pieces arrive this week. But design work is well underway, I do hope it will impress and show what the UK modding scene is capable of. However, until I'm ready to unveil that, here are some photos of this behemouth. I swear it dwarfs my workshop. Much easier to photograph outside haha Always an important point to consider The glass is gloriously thick, 5mm has a lot of heft to it I really like the layout in this case. Vertical gpus are something I've always loved, definitely a feature I'll be keeping. Best of luck to the other competitors! Mod on!