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  1. I have tried everything to get these to work with Ryzen 5 1600x on a Gigabyte x370 K7 board. I have tried 3 controllers all the recommended hacks etc. I can take a set to an older AMD FX system and it works with no problems. This has to be an issue with the Software on Ryzen boards.
  2. Soupy1970

    Riing Plus Premium (Errror Code:H_0x0001)?

    What chipset are you using? Is your build a Ryzen?
  3. Soupy1970

    Riing Plus Premium (Errror Code:H_0x0001)?

    That is what mine was doing. I was able to get it to open by unplugging the mini usb from the controller, but that does no good. Are you using AM4 X370 chipset too?
  4. Soupy1970

    Riing Plus Premium (Errror Code:H_0x0001)?

    It's got to be the Ryzen Chipset. I tried them on an older AMD FX CPU and they worked fine. The only other difference was Windows 7 was on the older computer.
  5. Soupy1970

    Riing Plus Premium (Errror Code:H_0x0001)?

    Thanks, I understand now. Yes I did have the wrong software at first also, but still can't get it to work with correct software. Are you using a AMD Ryzen chipset?
  6. Soupy1970

    Riing Plus Premium (Errror Code:H_0x0001)?

    I have the plus, but are you saying you also have the plus version and downloaded this software then loaded the plus software and got them to work with the plus software? Am I following correctly?
  7. Soupy1970

    Riing Plus Premium (Errror Code:H_0x0001)?

    That is the software I'm using. Can you link the other version you installed first. Thanks
  8. Riing RGB Tt Premium Edition software is throwing a "Do not find fan controller, please check the fan controller is plugged in (Error Code: H__0x0001)? Ryzen 5 1600X on Gigabyte X370 K7 Motherboard. I have tried using an external USB cable. I have tried uninstalling all other RGB software on the system. Windows is detecting when USB is plugged in. The fans light up but the software is not detecting them. Any thoughts?