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  1. Pre Event Predictions 11/15 ~ 12/15/2017

    Ali Abbas
  2. This is my choice for winner. Ron you have once again gone to another level of WOW!
  3. will this be at pdxlan in a few weeks?
  4. GroovyW I'm going to take you....

    i voted picnic because my wife loves picnics and i would like to be able to add a bit of ambiance to it. giggity
  5. Tt Dude Weekly Diary

    TT Dude made an appearance in my holiday village!!!!
  6. Show us your chassis!

    Awesome desk/rig combo/scheme you got there sir!
  7. Thermaltake Core V1 by Dirty South PC Mods

    I just won a V1 in the giveaway. Mine won't have all the high end parts in it but hopefully I can do it justice. I love this one! White is my color. Reminds me of a resident evil build I saw once.
  8. Show us your chassis!

    Very nive! I just saw this on Facebook too! Love it!