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  1. Problem with unidentified mouse.

    Yes i tried that but it still doesn't work. The red light on the bottom of the mouse is on and my computer responds with the usual audio alert of when a usb device has been connected so i think it is a problem with the inner components of the mouse.
  2. Problem with unidentified mouse.

    Yes thanks for the reply but I have already tried that. Do you need to press them simutaniously? Because that's what I tried.
  3. Problem with unidentified mouse.

    i found the model number m0-cpc-wd00
  4. Problem with unidentified mouse.

    I recently bought a ttesports mouse/mousepad combo from eb games and ran into a problem with the mouse. i was hoping you could find the mouse type because that would make it easier to find fixes for the problem but it will ask you first. I was trying to change the rgb colours by pressing the middle button above the mouse wheel but it suddenly went compleatly black apart from the red light from the bottom of the mouse. i tried pessing mouse 1 and the rgb button like it said but that didn't work, i also tried plugging it into all the usb outlets with no avail i even tried plugging it into a different computer but it didn't work. please help is possible. kind regards Joshua Youl