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  1. Hey there, I've seen posts from about a month ago around this issue, but nothing more recent, so I figured I'd reach out. I'm using 6 of the riing plus 120mm fans, and 2 controllers in my Ryzen 1600 build with MSI's Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. I continually see the "Do not find Fan Controller, please check Fan Controller is connected. Error Code:H_0x0001) error. My fans are all spinning at default, and display the default rainbow color wheel LED setting, so I know the controllers are working. I've tried everything I could find across the forums - all usb ports 2.0/3.0 across the entire Motherboard, internal and external, front and back of case. Multiple controller configurations, different cables, etc. Same issue over and over. This is with the 1.1.1 Version of the Ring Plus RGB Tt Premium Edition software. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.