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  1. Tt X2/x31 200mm radiator/180mm fan

    ####, i'm having the same trouble with my x31... internal width doesn't seem to be the problem, but i'm not 100% on the mounting holes lining up. top 180mm rad won't fit cause of height constraints, unless i'd mount the fans outside the chassis, but at the front even 2 shouldn't be an issue as far as i can see. would be awesome in terms of surface area/fan slot, could probably get away without any other rads for most systems.
  2. Core X Series

    Hello there, sorry if this is the wrong thread to ask, first post here, but i've recently migrated my system to a core x31, and it is absolutely awesome. i'm getting some 200mm fans in soon, but i was wondering whether there are mounting holes for 180mm fans too. aren't they the same spacing as the 200mm ones? it's just that they're not mentioned on the product page anywhere, and there's a weird fan mounting slit that i cannot figure out why it's there (the one second to furthest out). currently my system is fully air cooled, but if i'm going watercooled at some point i'd really like to maximise the radiator space, so a 2x180mm rad in the front would definitely give me the most surface area per fan spot there. if i could chuck a second one in the top i think that would be pretty much the maximum cooling achieveable in this case, and strangely 2x180mm rads are really cheap where i live. might have to fit the fans for the top one one on the outside, but that wouldn't really bother me too much since they'd be exhaust anyways. thanks for any replies