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  1. Can't get audio mode working

    I was thinking about my last response. So here's a possible temporary solution for your issue assuming you have verified that the issue indeed relates to Sonic Studio 3 or a similar program relying on the Nahimic framework. With regards to SS3, there are 3 processes created when its started .... SS3Svc32.exe parent process which sporns a child process called SS3Svc64.exe ( task bar icon) a process called SonicSudio3.exe is started when you run the SS3 application interface. You can close out this SS3 application and exit the SS3 taskbar icon and all 3 processes should be gone. This should allow TT Plus to gain access to the sound streams, you can then re-enable the SS3 software again and it should all now work. These programs are all set to start at login and it seems that SS3 starts before TT Riing Plus but you can change this behavior by disabling SS3 in windows startup. Query the task scheduler to see what programs are set to start when you log into your computer. You should see that TT Riing Plus software as well as Sonic Studio3 (or similar) are enabled on startup. The only control i think you have here is to stop it from auto starting by disabling it and you can do this by running the task manager and selecting a tab called startup, look for Sonic studio 3 and disable it. This won't affect the actual SS3 program, it just prevents it from auto starting and creating those processes at login but guess what ! your TT Riing software should now work with sound! You should be able to start SS3 normally after this making sure that your TT software has started properly and working . The Riing software will remain working with sound until you close it out ie exit from the task bar icon. Since there is no other simple non third party method to set startup order within the startup list of programs the easiest way I could think of controlling this behavior is to create a scheduled task. You should be able to create a task for SS3 that triggers at login for all users after a specific delay of say 30 secs and only runs when user logs in. Then create the action of.... start a program "C:\Program Files\ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc\Sonic Suite 3\Foundation\SS3Svc32.exe" with arguments of /command OpenUI /start SonicStudioSystray the rest of the settings on other tabs you should be able to leave at default. Test the task to ensure it starts stops okay and creates the processes SS3Svc32.exe and SS3Svc64.exe. Then reboot, it should all work now Also you may want to think about unticking "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" in the sound properties for the device you want to work with TT Riing but may not be necessary. Good luck !!
  2. Can't get audio mode working

    That makes sense! as both these applications Sonic Studio 3 and Nahimic VR rely on the Nahimic audio enhancement framework. As a guess, I would say most embedded premium sound products that are using the Realtek chip would be using this Nahimic sound 3D enhancement framework, MSI and ASUS are two such examples. I could find precious little re: these fans not working with sound lighting effects. Either people have given up, don't care or maybe not many Riing RGB Plus fan controllers have being sold worldwide . I can't imagine that though, nor that only a few people are having this particular issue, it's easily reproducible much like the issues with Ryzen MBs and Riing controllers. That said, the ASUS AURA RGB software (which you would have with this motherboard) also has a music lighting mode and behaves as expected with regards sound activated lighting no matter what device is receiving the sound stream. It relies on a LightingSevice.exe service and quite possibly this loads before the the Nahimic framework loads. In summary, there is just as much chance that the issue is related to Nahimic's framework as it is related to TT Riing Plus software! but my money is on the way the Riing software has been implemented, since the AURA works fine and is not fussed as to who has control of the stream and runs as a service . As an aside, you could try previous iterations of Sonic Studio ie SS2 see if it helps.
  3. Can't get audio mode working

    I noticed that you have an Asus Maximus IX that has Supreme FX audio chipset, that means you might also have the ROG Sonic Studio 3 software installed. Try uninstalling SS3 and reboot , you might find that Riing lights will suddenly work in sound mode. I don't think dropping down to 16bit audio will help but hey, give it a try I guess. TBH I'd rather have the Sonic Studio installed anyway than have sound activated lights, there may also be alternative studio applications that work similarly to SS3 that play nicely Riiing Plus. Good Luck