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  1. ~M2~

    Motherboard E-ATX on core P5?

    I made a custom panel to fill the blank space on my CNC mill.
  2. ~M2~

    Motherboard E-ATX on core P5?

    Got it finished a few weeks ago! Milled the corner off on the glass panel mounting block near the IO shield. This beast is HEAVY! was going to wall mount it, but opted to just stand it on the desk.Had the old style riser cable, so I requested a replacement. New one came in a few days. Also have a an EZDIY 300mm cable from Amazon which looks identical to the new Thermaltake cable (except a tad longer) . Both work flawlessly.
  3. ~M2~

    Motherboard E-ATX on core P5?

    I am building a Zenith Extreme on a P5. The E-ATX completely covers the main wire pass through ports. What I did is get some very tall standoffs. Of course this means you must use the vertical riser setup for the GPU. Also, I am just finding out that the IO shield interferes with the tempered glass mounting block. I am thinking about machining the corner of the block to make clearance. If you are just using the front panel, or the plexi kit that only has the front, shouldn't be a problem. Building this system has taken many hours already! I still have time since my waterblock is still on backorder.