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  1. Aphelion: Core X71 build

  2. Aphelion: Core X71 build

    NVME heatsink and ram waterblock installed, getting ready for the 16mm tube.
  3. Aphelion: Core X71 build

  4. Aphelion: Core X71 build

    These RGB Riing fans look awesome! 18 in total!
  5. My first custom reservoir (Process and results)

    Wow sweet work! Should look amazing in the final build.
  6. Aphelion: Core X71 build

    Getting all the RGB fan and controllers wired up:
  7. Aphelion: Core X71 build

    The paint is complete, but yet to be sanded & polished. EVGA psu modded with a 140mm TT Riing RGB fan,
  8. Aphelion: Core X71 build

    This case is quite the tower, can't wait to finish the paint.
  9. Aphelion: Core X71 build

    Some TT D5 pumps with some new paint!
  10. Aphelion: Core X71 build

    Primer finally going on: Hard drive mounts removed from case, and acrylic floor made:
  11. Aphelion: Core X71 build

    Some final bits of hardware hath arrived, samsung 960 evo and 16gb of G.skill 3200mhz ram.
  12. Aphelion: Core X71 build

    Hello and welcome to my worklog of project 'Aphelion', sponsored by Thermaltake! A big thanks to Andy and to Thermaltake for making this happen. Parts list: Thermaltake Core X71 TG Asus Crosshair Hero 6 X370 Ryzen 1700x 16GB G.skill DDR4 2x Sapphire R9 Fury EVGA 1000w G2 psu 2x Pacific PR22-D5 pump/res. combo Thermaltake Riing RGB 120mm fans Thermaltake Pacific W3 waterblock Thermaltake Pacific RL radiators Thermaltake Pacific M-pro 16mm fittings Thermaltake 16mm PETG Mods: Full case paint Custom Sleeved psu cables Acrylic panels for interior Remove panel fwd of mobo tray Lighting with Darkside LEDs +Dual water cooling loops with Thermaltake components.