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  1. Hi Mike! Any update on the progress? Is this being worked on? Thanks, KLU
  2. Riing Plus Premium (Errror Code:H_0x0001)?

    It's happening very rarely now and randomly. I feel like this has something to do with the power management, like if you have unexpected power outage or something like that and then you turn on your computer again and this error pops out. I did not happen to me this month. If I get it, this works for me: 1. Exit the program completely. 2. Do not power off the computer, just unplug the power cable from the controller and plug it in after a few seconds. 3. Start the program. Works every time for me. I hope this helps. Cheers, KLU
  3. Hi Mike. Full system specs: https://valid.x86.fr/d8kgqy Yes, I have the same issue with Corsair Link, HW Monitor and now your software, so it just has to be some pooling issue, as all these programs have some monitoring features and are reading temperatures. In all three cases, the clicking stops when I close the applications (to be precise, each one of them is enough to cause clicking, not all three simultaneously). And no, the Toshiba drive is purely for storage. System is on a separate NVME drive. I appreciate your help, thank you. Kind regards, KLU
  4. Riing Plus Premium (Errror Code:H_0x0001)?

    I just got the same issue a couple of times (Error Code:H_0x0001). It happens randomly. Resolved it by disconnecting the power cable and USB cable on the controller, while the PC is turned on. So, just close the program, do the power cycle and run the program again. That worked for me. How can I resolve it permanently? RMA the controller? I thought I will be supplied with the new one, since I just bought it and the seller told me that this is the new shipment... Btw, I'm running Ryzen 1700 on X370.
  5. Hi guys, I have just bought the most beautiful chassis fans in the world right now, Riing Plus RGB 12 Thank you TT! However, when the software is running, it is most probably pooling temps and this is causing my Toshiba X300 HDD clicking every ~5 seconds. This is a known issue (CPUID SDK), also with a Corsair Link software, which is causing the same: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=163697 Please, FIX IT asap, because it is super annoying, and with TT RGB software disabled, the fans are only lit static, no cross nor my favourite ripple effects possible I look forward to hearing from you! Kind regards, KLU