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  1. Core V71 Owner's Club

    Airflow - on paper looks very good: Stock 200mm fan, 2 in front, 1 on top back side; stock 140mm exhaust fan. EK PE360 rad with 3x 120mm fan. EVGA 850 G2 PSU with a 140mm facing upward.
  2. Core V71 Owner's Club

    Greetings! Did a lots of research for my new build, and ended up the Core V71 TG as the choice of case. I frankly don't like the look (too plain for me, lack of sense of artistic), however, the functional aspect wins in the end. The key factors in my consideration: 1. good airflow - although I plan to have a custom loop (see design below, and please comment/critic), a classic good air flow is still preferred for cooling the RAM, VRM, M.2 drives, etc.; The ability to take out all the HDD cages in V71 creates a good straight line airflow to the areas that matters, and there is no silly front panel (although, it makes a better look) to block the most critical intake. The 2x 200mm fan just look lovely and COOL! 2. Vertical GPU mount (TG version!) - not only makes a better look to the GPU, but also improve the air cooling near the CPU area, where the RAM, VRMs are not water cooled. The air can blow through between the GPU and the MB. The heat emitted from back of the GPU will not affect CPU area. 3. Good radiator placement options. I plan to put a 360mm rad on top as a start. If the system is getting hot, will consider either back or front rad. 4. Room for Pump/Res - I do prefer a longer res, most cases I compare to doesn't have the flexibility for it. 5. Not too much room (like the X5, X9 cubes) so the airflow is more concentrated. Things I don't like (beside the look) about V71: 1. I hope the front panel can be reversed, so I can keep the ODD drive bay in the bottom, without mess up with the top rad mounting and the airflow for CPU area; (same situation to X9 cube) 2. The vertical GPU mount is not serious enough. No quality PCI-e cable included; the cutout for PCI-e cable is not big enough; the back plate is unnecessarily large, not good for cooling of the back plate of GPU; the stand out should be on the bottom as well to allow 90 deg. raiser cable, which fit the mount better and can shorten the cable. 3. Also hope the right side of the case is wider for HDD mounts and cable management; even better, provide some air flow to cool the HDD and back of the MB. You can simply make the indentation deeper. 4. The design put too much on HDD cages, which is no longer that important with SDDs and M.2s into the mainstream. The HDD mounts damages the airflow and has to be dumped for water cooling anyhow. There will never be a perfect case, but the V71 is a close one. Just saw the new P9 came out, I am sure TT will bring a better V71 in the future. Cheers!