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  1. Shpattov

    RGB Fittings and software control

    Hi! Yesterday I've received two boxes of fittings and I've made some experiments: -First of all, I've connected 12 fittings on a single controller in groups of 6. No lighting reduction, no unstability, so all fine. -Second, as I've precedently thought, I wanted to try to use a 4 pin fan pwm cable to extend the lenght of the cable and it worked just fine. So I will just find the longest pwn extension cable in the market, I'll buy 2 of them and then I'll use to bring the controller in first position where I meant to put it. Now missing TT 16mm tubing and TT Pacific W4 Plus, hopefully already on their way to me :P!
  2. Shpattov

    RGB Fittings and software control

    Thank you really so much, I think this is going to work with such a lenght And yes, I for sure will have fun building it I'll post the result if you wish! Bye
  3. Shpattov

    RGB Fittings and software control

    Thank you :), it's gradually getting in shape! I've just come with another possible solution: how about getting the two controllers outside the case on the upper part of the back panel? Like placing them side by side? I'd make the cables pass between the two rads in this case and they should need less wire, I guess. What do you think? Would this solve the problem? Knowing the exact lenght of the cable would help anyway
  4. Shpattov

    RGB Fittings and software control

    Just to be sure, I'll post some pictures of my actual PC. As you can see, I've added a "new room" (made of galvanized iron) down of my Obsidian 750D, and took PSU, disks and Blu-ray down there. The controllers for the 12 fittings I'll need to use (I'll add a new piece to the loop at christmas) should go down there too, so that I could use the buttons without the need of open the case everytime, and that's because I change color scheme very often. You think they could get down there without any issue? Or should I just wait for a new type of fittings, as I understand you're going to get on the market sooner or later? P.s. when I'll get to work, I'll change a lot of things, so it will be cleaner (fix the white cables locks, new tank as pr22, new cpu block as pacific w4 plus and PETG tubes) and obviously the lights are not so shiny, it's just a camera problem :P!
  5. Shpattov

    RGB Fittings and software control

    Hi Guru, thanks for the answer. So, even if a new RGB fitting capable of software control would be announced, the old one, or the present if you wish, would still not be compatible and therefore not software controllable. Am I correct? I'm a bit sad for this, because I was planning to complete my loop on christmas. I think I could still buy the actual ones, but I'm a bit worried about the lenght of the cable. Any way to make it longer? I saw in a picture that they use a 4 pin connector similar to a standard fan. Would a fan extender maybe work for this? My case is a bit different from the regular ones, since I've phisically modded it making it bigger, so I should place the controllers a bit too much far away from the fittings.
  6. Hi there, I'm new here and I'm about to buy some really cool TT stuff, such as Pacific W4 Plus, with the new controller, and 2 boxes of RGB fittings, each with an old type controller (buttons and so on...). Now, my question: is there any way to connect the fittings directly to the new kind of controller and then maybe use the PC software to configure lightings? Or, and it would still be good for my purposes, may I connect the fittings to the old rgb controller and then the old controller to the new one to sync with computer? An example down here, just to be more schematic: [RGB Fittings] ---->[Old Kind Controller] ---->[New Kind Controller] Or maybe, since I have to use 10 fittings [RGB Fittings] ---->[Old Kind Controller] ---->[New Kind Controller]<---- [Old Kind Controller] <----[RGB Fittings] The thing is that I don't want to be forced to open the case every time I want to change the colour of the fittings, so if I'm not able to software control the fittings led, I'm forced to "change subject" and buy some ordinary fittings instead. Thanks in advance