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  1. I purchased the floe Riing 240 at the end of November. I have a Crosshair VI Hero Mobo and a Ryzen 1700x. On this build I purchased a TT case with 3 preinstalled fans RGB fans, the floe riing 240, and an 850w RGB TT power supply - basically thinking I would be able to sync all these up. The fans on the case are an older version of Riing fans so they are not compatible with any of the new software controllers. There is no way to sync the riing fan in the power supply either. Ok, fine - I knew the new controller that makes at least the floe riing compatible with Asus Aura was being made (not yet available at the time) so I moved forward. Controller #1 - software doesn't detect fans correctly, and the fans do not spin on the radiator. I can control the colors of the non-spinning fan by setting the software to look at them as the water pump, but the fans won't work. I call support and fill out an RMA request with advanced shipment just for the controller. It is believed at this time after speaking with support that I have one of the older controllers that don't work with Ryzen. Controller #2 - replacement arrives, same exact problem. Contact support again finally getting someone on the phone after trying for 5 days straight. Somehow, I must have mistakenly gotten another one of the older controllers is the conclusion of the phone call. Also note that no return shipping label was provided. At this point I was informed that the TT Sync controller was now in stock, so I asked if they could just send me that one instead after this hassle. But no, I had to purchase that controller even though I was in the middle of a 3rd replacement controller being sent to me. I asked if they could at least make a note on it to send me an extra strip of Velcro because the stickiness from the first controller had been worn away by being changed out so many times. Controller #3 replacement arrives. Again, same problem. Again, no return shipping label even though I was specifically told I would get one so I wouldn't have to pay for return shipping. Simple courtesy of throwing a new strip of Velcro in? Nope. Controller #4 the Sync Controller to make it work with Aura, which I had purchased at the retail price +$15 for UPS ground shipping (it doesn't cost $15 to ship a 1lb package ground) at the same time controller #3 was to be shipped out arrives about a week after I receive Controller #3. The sync controller does NOT have the 4 pin connector for the Asus Aura header on the mobo, it only has a 3 pin 5v cable which the header for which is not on my motherboard. The fans now spin with this controller, but I have no way to connect and control the lights. I now have 3 TT software enabled controllers which will not spin my fans and 1 Aura sync "compatible" controller which spins my fans but cannot be connected to the Aura 4 pin headers on the mobo. I'm sure you can understand my frustration at this point now in February, what if anything can be done to solve my problem? I want to sync with Aura now that you have the "compatible" controller available and have my fans spin, I wouldn't think that would be so difficult. Please advise