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  1. Riing Plus Controller stop working

    Hi, it's now working (again), and to be honest I haven't done anything special since the last time it said no devices found. All I did was turn off the pc (because I had to go out) and when I came back, turned the pc on and ... it's running normally. Still don't know what happened though, but at least it is working now. And just a quick question: why do TT still uses molex connector for the riing plus?
  2. Riing plus on ryzen

    in my experience, you'll need a new controller that is compatible with ryzen. I did receive the replacement from local distributor and it did work. well, at least for 1 day because the next day I got a warning from the application saying that no controller found.
  3. Hello, Apparently a lot of people are having trouble with the riing plus, but mine is a bit weird though I was having the same problem regarding the riing plus controller compatibility with ryzen. Contacted the local distributor and they sent me the new controller which is compatible and it did work. So I thought everything was solved, but not quite ... The next day, when I turned my pc on, the riing software gave a warning that no controller found with error code H_0x0001. I tried to unplug the cable and reconnect everything and restarted the pc but it still gave me the same error. I tried the detecting application that the distributor sent me previously, and it said 'no devices found!' Did my (new) controller just died?