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  1. KnyghtFall

    Pacific Lumi Plus

    Alrighty thank you for the response and clarification!
  2. KnyghtFall

    Riing TT Premium Edition RGB LED Fans - How to Videos

    That's great to hear. I'm currently using a total of 12 fans in my dual loop system and would love to transition to the Riing Plus when those additional PWM features become available. As of right now it would be too much of a nightmare.
  3. KnyghtFall

    Pacific Lumi Plus

    Greetings, Are the LED strips in the pacific lumi PLUS able to be connected to the controller that the riing PLUS packs come with? The controller for each looks identical, and both use the same software, but I haven't been able to find much info at all about the lumi PLUS. Mostly been finding lumi 256 color. Thank you.
  4. KnyghtFall

    Riing TT Premium Edition RGB LED Fans - How to Videos

    Quick question: Given that these are PWM fans, is it possible to use a custom fan curve with software such as SpeedFan? Or is the Riing software the only way to adjust fan speeds?
  5. KnyghtFall

    Floe Riing 240 Premium

    Besides the 2 that came with your Floe 240 kit, what is the exact product name of the 3-fan-pack ones?