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  1. starving in school??

    When I had to write my essay asap I understood student hunger is, for many colleges, the elephant in the room that is ignored. Another elephant, even less acknowledged, is the inexplicable and unjustifiable skyrocketing of tuition and fees. Compare the ratios of administrators to faculty and teaching faculty to press-release prizes that never set foot in any classroom. Look at the proliferation of institution-sponsored "outreaches" that splinter the student body into "micro-masses", satisfying no success criteria for actually helping students get a real education. Where is it going?
  2. My Talon mouse doesn´t work

    I'd recommending having it checked in the service center. They'll run some diagnostics and tell you what might be the issue. Personally when working on acewriters.org web page my mouse threw a sudden fluke. our tech guy couldn't figure why. so just went to the service center -- got it fixed quickly and since I have a warranty on it, didn't have to pay a cent