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  1. Volos mouse button click issue

    I have to assume that you're stringing us all along at this point. There is obviously a click issue that a lot of customers have. The issue has been ongoing for almost a year now, and there is no sign of a driver update. Meanwhile, your ratings on amazon for this mouse have been dropping, and for good reason. Never going to buy another thermaltake product again, even though I love my Lanbox lite. Yes, I have multiple Thermaltake products; but never again. Negative amazon review incoming to add to the many others that already exist.
  2. Volos mouse button click issue

    I have this issue also. It began happening right out of the box. I don't want to do an RMA because it seems like a lot of people have this issue, and RMA'ing just gave them new mice that still had the issue. There are a lot of negative reviews on reseller websites that complain about this issue, (take your pick if you want to check. they're everywhere) so I would guess that remedying this would be top priority. I'm like others here. I love everything about this mouse, but the click issue (happens for both left and right click for me) makes the mouse unusable for professional play and almost unusable for just everyday play. Please fix this issue asap, as I don't think I can put up with it for much longer, either. It's been a while since this thread was opened, and we've heard nothing.