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  1. WERE GOING TO DREAMHACK SUMMER! From June 18th-20th Our Paladins Team will traveling Jonkoping, Sweeden for The Hi-Rez $100K Founders Tournament! https://gyazo.com/222d8183fc1dad44a97e76eda15f0d3d Gyazo
  2. UPDATE TIME! We wound up with a 4th place finish at the eSports Arena LAN, which ultimately a great showing for us as this was our first LAN together as a team! Lots learned & lots to implement before CEVO Play-Offs Begin! Stay tuned for match times!
  3. Already for the LAN.
  4. Good Morning All! Well our first CSGO LAN is in the books and the team took 4th Place Overall! Pics to follow!
  5. CSGO Teams matches will be live tonight On http://www.twitch.tv/esportsarena
  6. Our CS:GO team is competing today in Sunny LA @ The eSports Arena 5K LAN! Not sure if there will be any streams of the games, if there is we will update here! Will post some team pics later today! Thanks again for all of the support!
  7. So very excited to be partnered with Tt eSports! Lots of great memories to be made! Thanks for all of your support!
  8. We will be attending the RGN $30K Pro Series @ The eSports Arena in Santa Ana California! #LANHYPE! Stay tuned for updates!
  9. Hey Hey! Long time no post =/.. Been very busy in the crazy world of Nexus eSports! Lots of exciting news coming! Our CS:GO team is currently 7-4 in ESEA Main after winning there last 3 consecutive matches!
  10. Some ESEA-Main action this week! Will Post match threads once times are figured out! So Far we are 2-1! (Loss was because me & dayv1d had to fill in! )
  11. Thanks Ben! Sadly it was not the results we wanted but we will continue to grow, and get better!
  12. First match for Winout $20k LAN going live soon we play WinOut.net first in groups! http://www.azubu.tv/winouttv2
  13. Some friendly team updates! We are in the Grand Finals for the RGN Freedom Cup Qualifier! Our team is currently in Philandelphia, Pennsylvania for the Winout.net $20K LAN! (will post updates through out the weekend!)
  14. We win in the BO3 2-0!