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  1. From the start I voted Olivier Maillet, and he has not disappointed. So my final vote goes yet again to him, well done and good luck!
  2. I nominate Tim Warning from Dutch Lion Customising
  3. I stand behind my choice I made at the very start. Stefan Ulrich (Germany) has my vote
  4. Every time I revisit this topic, you have new pics ​It's coming along quite nicely, can't wait for the finish. You got this
  5. See, that's exactly why I voted for you ​Sleepless nights with a head full of ideas ​It's looking great so far!
  6. I predict: Stefan Ulrich. He looks like he doesn't get much sleep, too many ideas in his head that want to come out and play, build and create with the toys you're going to send him.
  7. Since there's no Dutch or Belgian representatives either I will go with Stefan Ulrich then
  8. Richard Prins: http://designsbyrichard.com/
  9. Succes Mike, je hebt dit in de Pocket (als je afgelopen werk een maatstaaf is voor wat je hier gaat laten zien )
  10. Now I know as Dutch I should do my patriotic duty and vote for Peter, but... ​Mike Petereyns has this in the pocket! ​So I vote for Mike (Belgium).
  11. [Closed] Pre Event Predictions [2016 MFC]

    It's gonna be a tough one, both are extremely capable but I say Jesse Palacio