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  1. Diorama Scenery for Cloth Myth (Saint Seiya) Pandora Box Gemini Project
  2. Up is the part of the watercooler mount. (Interior of tower 900.) But I have problem with receiving the products that still lacked arrive for me to finish the assembly. Almost already at the end of the competition closing, I am still waiting to get the products I have not received yet, like the 2 radiators 360. I am provisionally using the 240 radiators, and being fitted in place of the 360 radiators. I had to make some modifications. Was hoping to get some connection, liquid, and the 2 radiators 360. Had not received until today's date 7-20. I got the fluids with Thermaltake Brasil. The rest, do not have in Brazil. I'm putting together to finalize on the estimated date. And waiting for the arrival to make the exchange.
  3. atualizar
  4. Preview the back of the case. The Pandora's box (where he guards the armor of the zodiac knights) has 2 loops that the knight carries on his back.
  5. Carregando 50%. O exterior, peças de acabamento da torre 900, seguindo a mesma linha de traço do armário. Adaptando o tema Projeto Pandora Box Gemini. Vou começar a correr contra o tempo para fazer a parte interna do projeto. Mais peças cortadas de acrílicos para acabamento. Etc.
  6. Continuing the project. The time was very long and tight due to the delay in receiving the products. The design, is being kept the standard of the tower 900.No many modifications. But matching with Pandora's box theme.
  7. UP... Up from today's post, very tricky. Result was satisfactory ... Thanks for following the project .. Summary is, the knight's pandora's box of twins, and next to the armor. Idea is this, since the tower 900 is all square ...
  8. Giving continuity
  9. Giving continuity to the project, making the grill of the fans of the sides, continuing with the same design of the theme of the pandora box. Doing manually with the rectifica ..
  10. Pandora Box Gemini
  11. Hello everyone. As I received the tower 900 products this week now, I'm already starting to do some things, doing the disassembling and making some cuts, then put more photos of the progress of the project during the course of the week, and I've already tested the hardware. Thanks to the sponsors. Thermaltake. Asus. Intel. V-core. Luxa. Ttesports.
  12. Hello everyone. Arrived Tower 900 of thermaltake in my rescindence today 5/22 due some setbacks I had .. I am already starting to do the project to finish the date of the closing of the competition, only (days). 02% Loading As of today, May 23, I received the hardware products. I just have to thank the companies for supporting with their products. Thank you Thermaltake Asus. Intel. V-Color.
  13. A small video I made unboxing Toughpower Thermaltake Grand RGB 850W Totally Modular Gold
  14. For now I received the products from Thermaltake. Thank you very much