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  1. Tt Riing Rainbow.exe is not responding

    Hi, Please try connecting the Riing Plus Controller cable to the motherboard's USB 2.0 Header directly and let us know if that works. I would also suggest to contact our USA support (If in USA) to see about a replacement controller. https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  2. RIING PLUS RGB not working

    Hi all, I have a new version we are testing and I have seen great results with this version. It is not available on the website yet, so here is a direct link to the .zip file: Version 1.1.205 https://www.dropbox.com/s/rkempteb565tazi/Riing%20Plus%20RGB%20Tt%20Premium%20Edition_Setup_1.1.205_x86.exe.zip?dl=0 - Uninstall older Riing Plus Software first - Reboot system before installing new software - Unzip file directly on same PC (No copy files and transfers) Please help us with some feedback! If you are having troubles still, Thermaltake can help with a replacement controller/cable/fan under warranty if needed once we get some details and your information. Thermaltake USA Support - https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us I apologize for users outside of the USA I cannot help directly, please contact info@thermaltake.com for Warranty assistance. If you dont know what to do, PM ME XD
  3. RIING PLUS RGB not working

    Hi, PM me the issues you are having with the Riing Premium Controller, it is likely just a bad controller.
  4. RIING PLUS RGB not working

    Hi all, We are working on a new update and are monitoring this thread for the feedback you are providing. We should have an updated version to release soon which will also include new LED modes and other features. Please when you have any issue, let us know your motherboard (Part Number) as we are trying to recreate these issue to find a solution. -Mike
  5. Riing 14 Premium RGB - DOA?

    Hi Patrick, What motherboard model are you using in the build to reference? If you have a micro USB to USB cable around, connect that into the controller and the other end into one of the USB ports on off the I/O. See if it will detect then if you have it available. Another thing, push in the micro USB cable into the controller, hold it in there and see if the software updates and detects. Could just be defective controller/cable, can call our support and we can test a replacement before it goes out to help and discuss more details on what is all involved. 800.988.1088 https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  6. 3/6 Riing RGB 12 TT premium edition

    Did you check the dip switch settings for BOTH controllers? If they are both set to the same, only 1 will show up. Also, if above is not "it" test both controller separately, make sure they both work together. Then depending on result, check the connections, you can: 1. connect both controllers to the USB header cable that is included 2. Use the daisy chain cable and see if you get different result. (Try both of these if the top option is not it) keep us posted!
  7. **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**

    Tom, Great to hear, PM me how you resolved it if you have time thx!
  8. **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**

    Looks like PCI-E clip is black here in the picture. If the retention clip is black, you are good. The white clip does work, just not for everyone, it has already being phased out.
  9. RIING PLUS RGB not working

    Please try and let us know Version 1.1.1 - Release Date 7/11/17 http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Cooler/Case_Fan_/Riing/C_00003056/Riing_Plus_12_RGB_Radiator_Fan_TT_Premium_Edition_5_Fan_Pack_/Support.htm
  10. RIING PLUS RGB not working

    Hi all, Thanks for the feedback on the Riing Plus Software. We are working on new versions already to have some adjustments from what we have found. Feel free to drop in any feedback on the Riing Plus software and will take a look.
  11. **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**

    Hi TomP5Build, Please contact me via email, mike.fierheller@thermaltakeusa.com. Help update me on what you have going on. Will sync up with you next week on a solution.
  12. **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**

    Hi Katie1348, Here to help and sorry for the inconvenience with this. If you can email me mike.fierheller@thermaltakeusa.com, let me know who you have been working with and sent me a quick picture of the 2 cables you now have to confirm. Regardless of where you are globally, I can help to escalate this to support you.]\ Thanks for reaching out so we can assist.
  13. RIING PLUS RGB not working

    Hi, Keep us posted if you have any further issues with the Riing Software. There is a new version on our website 1.1.0 if you want to try that and let me know if you still having issues with the latest version. thx
  14. Core v21 280mm radiator issue

    Hi, Sorry for all the troubles, if I can help any let me know. Could you help to get me picture of the missing slots? Maybe from the front so you dont have to take out the rad? From your picture those slots on the left are under the frame, you cant see them from the top That top punch out is only on the other side with the clips. Like you show.The punches could have been missed, but I did want to confirm this was the case. Try to take a few pics so I can see where on the case you are showing and the missing punches for the slots that the brackets go into on the front side under the top frame.
  15. Core v21 280mm radiator issue

    Kahless, The Core V21 does support 280 sized radiator on the top. I mocked one up and took some picture to show, you just need to offset the rails to convert from 120 >> 140 spacing. See where the rails need to go on one side for the radiator to fit.