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  1. Pump Software Control

    Hi, In regards to flow 2, check to make sure the tube is not tweaked where the insert is hitting the walls, low pump speed can cause this, but only like at 1-2 setting. Normally for CPU cooling I set to at least 3 and go higher when using a GPU. From the looks of the picture, try adjusting the tube to straighten it out a little and see if the floe insert starts moving again. I dont know how it has been working for you in the past, but I do not think bubbles are the issue here. You should not be seeing bubbles "come back" after a few days or you may be running your coolant to low in the reservoir. (Level above the downstem tube inside), also helps prevent vortexing in the pump which can cause bubbles as well. I do not suggest to regulate the voltage off the molex, you should not need to adjust your pump speed once it is set for the system.
  2. Floe Riing 360 AIO cooler. Leak out of the box?

    Hello, Sorry for the issues with the cooler, glad to see you are already working with our support. Normally this is not something you see much, but nothing is a guarantee, we also work with Astek on the cooling, which is imo, the best in the industry. Thermaltake offers a 3 year warranty on the product. We do not offer in our warranty, coolant damage or physical damage to other manufacture parts. We do cover our products which you will see is the same for everyone when it comes to this. Yes, the AIO bracket would be needed for the Core P5 to mount properly, if you do not have the case already, I would suggest the Core P3 TG as a nice alternative with it's native AIO mounting. Call our support if you need anything further 800.988.1088
  3. Suggest to take email to PM Delete your post when you can.
  4. TT water 3.0 RGB sync with Tough Power DPS RGB Gold

    Hi, For our Riing Sync feature, it only applies to the Riing Plus products including our AIO/DIY LCS and PSU with Riing Plus fans. These product can be sync'd together with the Riing Sync Software. You can still control the fans and PSU lighting separately, it is just not exact due to the limitation of the product.We are working on more stuff to SYNC together for the future as well as we move forward with the product lines.
  5. Tower 900 Supplied Fans

    Hi, Just standard 140mm case fan, we normally do not sell these, your best bet is to contact our office in your region to see if they have any to quote you. Depending where you are, there is alt to basic fans like this. I do also want to point out RGB fans do have an OFF feature on the LED http://www.thermaltake.com/corporate.aspx?t=4
  6. $400 worth of fans and the software wont work

    I apologize for the delay as I have been away, I have PM'd you today.
  7. $400 worth of fans and the software wont work

    You should try on another system. USB cable from your controller to say a laptop and see if it detects there. standard Micro USB cable works just fine for this and tells a lot about the issue. Testing the connectivity on your motherboard is important, something is either loose in connection or faulty with either the controller or the USB header, do you have more than 1 USB header? please try it. Lastly, Call us, we can discuss further and if we cant resolve over the phone, we can swap the controller under warranty.
  8. $400 worth of fans and the software wont work

    Hi, I see you are both in the USA, please call our support to go into detail on what is going on. Toll Free: 800.988.1088 Our team can help you with troubleshooting closer on what you have. We can then offer a RMA if needed to help and test the replacement before it goes out. It is the fastest way to get support from Thermaltake USA. I apologize I have been busy and away from my desk recently.
  9. COMPATIBLE PCI-E 3.0 Extender cable FOR VIEW 71 CHASSIS

    Hi, We ship global if you do not want to wait: http://ttpremium.com/product/gaming-pci-e-3-0-x16-riser-cable/ We also have several other ttpremium.com sites in other regions if shipping/duty is to much from the USA to you.
  10. Core X71 motherboard screw size?

    Hi, Motherboards come with screws? What motherboard did you buy I am curious to see this The screws included with the accessory pack are the screws you would only want to use. Did you see the accessory pack included with the case? Maybe they are missing? Let us know or contact our support in your region for details. http://www.thermaltake.com/corporate.aspx?t=4
  11. Riing Plus Premium TT Bugs/questions

    Hi, Are you running iOS 11 with the recent upgrade? Did it work before you updated? I have used it for a while now on iOS without a problem. (Have not updated to iOS 11 on my phone, hope to get the iPhone X soon)
  12. Thermaltake Water 3.0 240 Riing RGB Edition

    Hi, If the box or the webstore listing does not show AM4 (Sticker on box or listed on website store) then the AM4 bracket is not included with the product. We do offer the AM4 brackets separately (For users who had the cooler already). I can only speak for the USA region, which we added the sticker to the packaging "AM4" indicating the bracket was included. You can purchase the bracket here (Or use this part number to look for it locally): http://ttpremium.com/product/water-3-0-series-aio-liquid-cooler-am4-bracket/
  13. Rgb Riing 12 pack x 3 with p3 help

    Hi, You can use the coarse thread (Fat screws) to use in the fan mounting slots and mount the 3 fans there, you just have to put the screws in through the back into the fans. Does not do much (unless you have a radiator), but if you do have some HDD and stuff in the back, flip the back panel around so the filter is on the opposite side and you will get at least some functionality to cool your drives instead of it just "being for the look". Look into an AIO in the future, you will not be disappointed.
  14. What Cooling Part Is This?

    http://ttpremium.com/product/thermaltake-pacific-flow-indicator-2/ Cool accessory to help with tube runs and see coolant flow.
  15. COMPATIBLE PCI-E 3.0 Extender cable FOR VIEW 71 CHASSIS

    Hi, Our TT Gaming Riser or the TT Premium Riser will both work fine, personally used them in the View 71. For the TTP riser, get the 300m (Shortest one) as the others are way to long haha!