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  1. Hi, Let us know what fans you exactly have, to give an idea, if it is one of the software models, try to push in the micro USB (on the controller side) into the controller really hard. Have your system up and look/listen for the USB detection notification. If you see it when pushing in, it might just be a bad cable and we can replace it. Keep us posted or just call our support to get a solution in process today.
  2. Hi McFly, I apologize for the issues you have experienced with your Thermaltake product. We are here to help with any concerns. Have you contacted our support? I would especially like to know which hard tube kit you purchased that did not include the silicon insert, it should be there. As for the shipping, that does not sound right, it might be an issue with the shopping cart, again we are here to help. Give us a call today so we can sort our and help. 800.988.1088 You can also contact me directly, my email is below.
  3. NICE! Lots of work here..
  4. Hi, To test and see if the issue is with the OS/Fans/Controller, please try the fans on another system. Can you install the software (Only) on any other system? I know it wont be able to function, but we are not there yet. See if you can get it to work on something else. Also, on the MB side, instead of using the USB header, get a Micro USB to USB cable (Like from your phone) and plug in the Micro USB to the controller and the USB connection to the USB port on the MB I/O and or try it on a laptop. See where you get and what you get. Make sure all connections are solid. FYI - you can run the software and it will show up without any hardware connected. Keep us posted.
  5. Hello, You would want to get the link cable to link the 2 controllers together. This way you only need one to control all the fans. http://ttpremium.com/product/riing-rgb-controller-cable This is really the only option besides controlling the fans on each controller separately. The Riing fans that support software are the Premium and Plus fans, right now we dont offer these solutions with our current AIO products. As far as sync goes with motherboards, we are working with some manufactures, stay tuned, but the fans I think you have already will not be supported with this feature, only the software version fans going forward. This is due to the control needed from the motherboard to control the fans.
  6. Hi, You would need to get some DIY on that to change it to another color. I did this with my Core V71 power button to change it to orange. Just need to get a new 2-pin LED in the color you want and swap it out. There really is no other way to change the color. Mod On!
  7. Hi, Please contact our USA support for help with replacement options. (Sorry for the delay, been at CES all last week) Phone: 800.988.1088 Email: ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com
  8. Appreciate the feedback everyone, working on new solutions for this, coming soon! I have been working with several customers, globally, some have more issues than others. It is hit or miss on the cable sometimes. Funny thing is people that dont have a problem, don't really comment. Please contact our support team in your region, if you need help, email me. I dont want anyone to feel alone on this, after all the replacement is free of charge It just depends on where everyone is at and the stock in that region to support. Hang in there all, will get you support, it just takes time depending on where you are in the world.
  9. Hello, Please try when you can get display to check in the bios on the PCI-E slot and change from "AUTO" to Gen 3. Also, Reseat the cable and check the connections into both MB/GPU. As others said, you can try to contact our Germany office or just wait for the reply from the email you already sent. I apologize I cannot help directly, but I did send off an email to try and help with your post. -Mike
  10. Hello, Thanks for the question and welcome to the TT Community! The 2 products unfortunately do not work together, mainly due to the voltage difference between the 2 as well as the connections: RGB LED Fitting 4-pin Riing Fans 5-pin As for the Fittings, I have used 8 fittings off 1 controller without any issue. I have not tested any further than 8, but if you have 2 kits, it should not be an issue, just watch any decrease in the brightness adding more.
  11. One thing I see more is the application not initializing at boot up and then users trying to load the app before it has loaded. This is important as the software will not work until the app has booted up automatically. ( you need to see the icon down by the clock in order for the app to work properly) I have tested several on windows 10, no issue. Either you connected to the MB is not communicating, cables are not connected (Try to reseat everything with the system off) or the controller is just bad, it happens. If you cannot get anything out if it after reinstalling the software and checking the connections, it could just be DOA and a replacement is likely the fastest way to resolve. Try on another system if you can... Do a fresh install of your OS...
  12. Hi, The manual has been fixed on the website: http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Cooler/Cooling_Accessory_/Fan_Controller_/C_00002651/Commander_FT_Touchscreen_Fan_Controller/Support.htm
  13. Hi, The Cooler has multiple socket support. The 1156 should work for 1151 as the only other bracket included is for AMD sockets.
  14. Hello, Is see the link is broken, will get it updated on the websites soon. The Commander FT is just a fan controller, it will adjust the RPM of the fans by design. Basically treat it just like if you connected it to your motherboard header, you have the adjustment in the bios just the same. It just adds convenience with the bay front panel for easy control and of course free up headers on the MB and/or give you more
  15. It really can depend on the components you are using, your MB and VGA could have an issue where the cable, even a replacement cable may not resolve the issue. There are other cables on the market, you can welcome to purchase them as the riser cable we include is not a guarantee. Specs always help when you have a concern like this so we know what you are working with. Also, please make sure to contact our support for assistance with a replacement. (See 1st post for details) I have seen and will say this again, several users are working fine, it is just hit or miss. I have seen personally, GTX 1080's in SLI working fine and giving full performance scores. I have seen more issues with non-reference GPU's and GPU that have modified PCB from the original NVIDIA spec. Also, to be honest, I see more problems with AMD than NVIDIA too. There are other solutions out there if the replacement is not working for you, especially after multiple replacements. Contact us and will work with our region teams to help with another replacement.