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  1. ThermalMike

    Windows DPS G App and TT RGB Plus Software

    Also want to mention that is a pretty hefty load on your USB for that many drives. Definitely not the normal How many add in cards and/or adapters are you using to connect or what is your configuration on how all these drives are connected?
  2. ThermalMike

    Windows DPS G App and TT RGB Plus Software

    Hi, Thank you for the information. Can you please help to try version 1.1.7 to see if it helps? Can download here: http://thermaltakeusa.com/Cooler/Case_Fan_/Riing/C_00003219/Riing_Plus_20_RGB_Case_Fan_TT_Premium_Edition_Single_Fan_Pack_with_Controller_/Support.htm
  3. ThermalMike

    Windows DPS G App and TT RGB Plus Software

    Hi, Thanks for the feedback, can you confirm what version of the Software you are using? Please also provide your system Specs and OS version.
  4. ThermalMike

    motherboard tray

    Hi, What is the question you have about this spec? I would have to pull each case to check here in USA, but maybe there is a reason that can help me get you the info quicker. The W100 and W200 are different because of the W200 supporting dual system configs. The View 91 is very similar to the W100. I don't think I will have the time to check all 3 anytime soon, will be traveling to event next week for a few weeks to Computex.
  5. ThermalMike

    How to manually stop the Riing Plus 12 RGB Radiator Fan??

    Hello, You cannot stop the fan completely, it is not an option in the software at this time. What you can do is turn that specific fan to "Silent" and it will drop the RPM down to around 350-400 RPM. Why would you need the fan to completely stop? Run it at the lowest speed and it should be great.
  6. Hi, The SYNC controller is not likable, so 1:1 only due to the way it is designed and how it functions with the motherboard side. Also to consider, for ASUS, they show they only support up to 120 LEDs TOTAL. 9 Fans x 12 LEDs = 108 LEDs Gigabyte from what I have been told can go up to 300 LEDs. This is a new feature that is added and should have more stuff to come, so we will see.
  7. Hi, The SYNC controller has 3 seperate PWM headers so you can control the fans connected through the MB bios using their headers. Makes it easier, like a hub and 1 less app to use.
  8. ThermalMike

    TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem Overview (Hardware/Software)

    Thanks for the feedback! YES! Please anyone share ideas on what you would want to see in future updates, we want to hear from our customers! We are working on some new stuff, maybe a new look as well, stay tubed.. I cant say to much right now If you want to have some do one thing and other do another, you just need to physically connect what you want onto 1 controller or more, then, setup different profiles for each controller so they can do different "grouped" stuff together. This is possible at the moment and really gives a cool look. Just have to plan what you want connected. I will note the idea on how to make it easier so the physical connection is not a limitation and allow a better way to group stuff. - Thx again for the feedback!
  9. Hi all, New video is out to help answer the questions you have been asking on install, setup and configuring your Thermaltake Plus Family products. You guys got questions? Let us know!
  10. ThermalMike

    Toughpower 1500W blows out fuses when plugged in

    be careful using it, i really dont suggest that as a solution, would rather you get it replaced if there is something going on. I have used this model and others in it series, I dont have this problem, so it could be an issue with the unit itself. more concerned any safety than function at this point
  11. ThermalMike

    Toughpower 1500W blows out fuses when plugged in

    thanks for the details, once you confirm the amp on that breaker will know more. Besides that I dont really have a solution other than replacement if the other units are all working fine.
  12. ThermalMike

    Toughpower 1500W blows out fuses when plugged in

    Hi, What amp rating do you have on these fuses? Are they at lease 15 or 20AMP fuses?? If not that is likely the issue. Even if you had the switch to turn the PSU on/off it would trip either way. Could be something going on with the PSU, hard to say with this info, but still my concern is your safety and to make sure your power in the house is correct for what you want to use it for. What other 1500W model do you have? Is it a newer model or around the same age as this one?
  13. ThermalMike

    Sync Controller Question

    Hi, Thanks for the question. The PWM cables for each of the 3 sides is just for PWM control of those 3 ports. You do not have to use them, but it is an option if you want to control fan speeds through your MB Bios. If you plan to use other products (not fans) you do not need it. And if you want to mix/match on the 1 side, it should not effect the other non-fan products if you use it. Splicing them can be tricky if you reduce the signal to far, but that will be a mod you will have to do on your own to see what results you get. Just understand the concern on voiding warranty is all
  14. ThermalMike

    Windows DPS G App and TT RGB Plus Software

    Hello, For the DPS G Software, there is no option to disable it on startup. It has to run at boot to be able to setup the reporting the software offers. If you shut down the software does your HD activity stop? Got any screenshots? What does your task manager show? For Riing plus, you can disable it to start with windows, right click on the icon by the clock. Also, same as before with your polling concern, I have not had this issue on several systems, something else might be going on you would want to look into. I will pass this info to our support team as well, any additional information to show this issue is appreciated.
  15. ThermalMike

    Floe Riing 240 TT Buzzing Sound Issue

    Hi, I would suggest to contact our support, let them know the issue with the pump noise and let Thermaltake do the replacement. We can assist with testing prior to shipment. It would be awesome to also get your product back so we can review it. https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us