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  1. i am going to play FPS this week ! oh yea.
  2. Share your 3dmark scores here!

    Can i have the link please?
  3. Most preferred radiator size?

    240mm suits me
  4. What is your ultimate fantasy setup(s)?

    i will be more focus on the out looking. Put on some lights on.
  5. How often do you clean your rig?

    once a year
  6. Just apply on where it should be. LOL
  7. Have you overclocked your screen before?

    Could someone please expalin what overclock is? thanks.
  8. Groovy Duo Live Wireless Speaker Owner's Club

    Good Design Award !!!
  9. [Q & A] Where to Buy

    will there some special offer during Christmas?
  10. [Videos] Audio

    This is very nice and everyone is going to WOW
  11. Groovy @ Esquire Magazine August 2014 (Vietnam)

    Very Cool ! Well done !!
  12. i can accept it with ugly look